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■Find the Halal, enjoy your meal! You can search for Halal restaurants in Japan.
This is a smart phone app of “Halal Gourmet Japan,” which proudly provides with the most information on restaurants for Muslim people in Japan.
You can search stores according to your choices.
■Characteristics of Halal Gourmet Japan
・You can search stores from information on restaurants for Muslim people with the greatest database in Japan including more than 500 stores.
・Classification by pictograms
- Stores are classified by pictograms such as "halal-certified" and "does not provide any food that uses pork,” etc.
・There are links to online articles on stores introduced in Halal Media Japan (HMJ) with reviews from Muslim customers.
・You can also find restaurants for vegetarians.
■The main functions of this app
1. Search from pictogram
- You can search by combining pictograms such as "halal-certified" and "does not provide any food that uses pork,” etc.
2. Search stores by categories
- You can search from categories such as Indian food, Turkish food, ramen, etc.
3. Search stores by prefecture
- You can search stores by prefecture
4. Search stores by store name
- You can search stores by store name
■Use it in the following occasions
- When you want to look for a restaurant during your stay in Japan
- When you want to refer stores to Muslim people
- When you want to refer stores to vegetarians
We plan on adding more useful features in the future.
Halal Gourmet Japan app will be of strong help for Muslim people when visiting Japan. We hope everybody enjoys their stay in Japan.
*Please refer to the following privacy policy prior to using this app.
By installing the App, you agree you have approved such privacy policy.
■About Halal Gourmet Japan
Understanding and knowledge towards Muslim culture is still not familiar in Japan. We are concerned that Muslim people that visit Japan carries various anxieties towards the foods and customs in Japan.
At Halal Gourmet Japan, we provide information to remove such anxieties as much as possible so you can enjoy your stay in Japan.
We would be more than happy if you can enjoy sightseeing, try delicious food, get in touch with Japanese culture and the heart of Japanese people and develop fondness for Japan.
Our first mission is to enrich information on restaurants with cultural considerations towards Muslim such as providing halal food, etc.
Halal Gourmet Japan Homepage
Homepage of Halal Media Japan operating Halal Gourmet Japan

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