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FotoFinder Universe Pro for iPad and iPhone 6 – the new way to access your photos.
FotoFinder Universe Pro, together with our Satellite technology, gives you access to your FotoFinder dermoscopy and aesthetic pictures.
Universe Pro can be used to view and compare your dermocopy Images. It even runs on iPhone 6 and together with FotoFinder handyscope it turns into a wireless camera for dermoscopy.Use it on iPad to browse and capture overview Images, set markers and Review Micro Images in Image compare.
Select markers to add dermoscopy Images with the handyscope and iPhone 6! Universe Pro provides a maximum of flexibility and mobility in dermoscopy.
The Universe Pro App lets you search your patient database for your clients. You can add new patients to your database and edit existing patient demographics.
The Edit feature enables you to develop a treatment plan to show patients where you would inject Fillers, Neurotoxin or apply energy-based devices. Treatment areas can be highlighted on the photos and personalized treatment texts are added with intuitive drag and drop functionality.
The edited photo can be then saved in your FotoFinder database.
Preparation of photos for lectures has never been that easy. The black bar feature to hide the eyes, intuitive drawing tools such as arrows, line and area features as well as the new highlight tool provide everything you need to prepare your pictures for your presentation. Drag your copyright signature on the picture and you are good to go.
At follow up visits, the image comparison feature becomes a valuable tool to present the outcome of treatments. The app is password protected and no patient photos are saved permanently on your iPad.
FotoFinder Universe Pro is available in the Apple AppStore and is compatible with iPad2, iPad 3rd and 4th Generation, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPhone6
In order to use the FotoFinder Universe Pro App you need FotoFinder Satellite running on your machine.

Neue Funktionen von Version 2.0.2

- Universe Pro unterstützt nun auch Mikroaufnahmen mit dem iPad
- neue Funktion zur Indikation von Injektionen in Behandlungsplänen: Durch setzen von Kreuz und Punkt können Injektionen zusätzlich auch mit Angaben zu Einheiten oder Menge versehen werden.
- Verbesserte Sortierung von ATBM Bildern zum Vergleich Baseline-Follow Up
- Aktiver Patient bleibt im Dashboard ausgewählt
- kleinere Bugfixes



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