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Fewer than 5% of “health” apps are actually built and managed by physicians.
CardioVisual is 100% designed and curated by practicing cardiologists — it’s simply the most reliable and complete cardiovascular health information source available.
A two-in-one heart health app, CardioVisual provides an almost encyclopedic library of high-quality videos and graphics to provide clear and easy understanding of complex heart conditions, medical treatments, procedures, surgeries and devices.
Healthcare professionals (HCPs) including doctors, nurses and other clinicians use the professional version of the app in their practice and hospitals to facilitate patient communication about critical and complex cardiovascular issues, and then send patients home with a patient version of the app that provides consistent information for patients to learn at their own pace.
And people who aren’t heart patients but want to remain heart healthy can check out the “Heart Health” section of CardioVisual and learn about common cardiovascular-related problems such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and helpful health tips to learn how to keep their ticker happy!
CardioVisual offers numerous benefits for both HCPs and non-healthcare providers:
Use the app to simplify discussions with patients
“Mark up” images and digitally share infographics and instructions
Enjoy enormous time savings by using the videos and graphics to facilitate discussions
Encourage patients to download the app as a learning resource
Utilize an incredible educational resource for trainees and allied health professionals
App is continually updated with newest technologies, procedures etc.
Customize the app to create your favorites
Review the same trustworthy information your doctor shared with you
Get easy-to-understand information about your heart condition but also other healthy tips such as proper nutrition, understanding medications, tips for monitoring BP and smoking cessation and more
Simplified video content in English or Spanish
Easy to use and always available on your mobile device
Avoid confusion and endless internet searches
Excellent resource for anyone interested in heart disease and awareness, e.g. students
The healthcare professional and non-HCP versions are in the same app; you’ll simply select which describes you when you first launch the app, and you’ll get information customized just for you.
Be sure to provide your email address when asked in the app so we can get feedback from you to help us make the app even more useful!

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.0

CardioVisual 3.0 contains an almost-encyclopedic library of videos and information about complex cardiovascular conditions and treatments as well as risk factors, how to prevent heart disease, healthy nutrition and more.
Based largely on user feedback, CardioVisual 3.0 features a complete redesign of both the user interface and the underlying architecture, resulting in improved usability and modern functionality. A new color scheme adds contemporary flair, as well.
Carefully crafted video descriptions pair with improved search functionality to make it even easier to locate desired information.
With two apps built into one, CardioVisual 3.0 utilizes a sizeable amount of new video content to further cement its position as an unparalleled source of reliable heart health information for three important demographics:
Healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses and trainees
Cardiovascular patients who wish to learn more about their conditions and their complex treatments
Non-patients who simply want to take good care of their heart and wish to consult an information source that’s almost as good as visit to the doctor.
An important new feature in Version 3.0 is aimed specifically at consumers who are currently heart healthy or who may be at risk for heart disease, and want to stay healthy. This new component of the app is called “Heart Health,” and is packed with resources (i.e. lifestyle and nutrition for a healthy heart; better understanding of major risk factors for heart disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol) that aid consumers in their quest to keep their cardiovascular system trouble-free.
Another new element of the app is the ability to save “favorite” content and customize the app. Physicians, for example, can “mark” videos or info sheets they find themselves using repeatedly throughout the day while explaining treatments or procedures to patients. Once marked as a favorite, these content pieces become exceptionally easy to access.
High-quality, cardiologist-curated content from reliable sources, including industry giants such as Medtronic, AstraZeneca and Boston Scientific, has been added to the app, further solidifying CardioVisual’s place as a must-have tool for busy professionals dealing with cardiovascular diseases who need quick access to high-quality, commercial-free videos to help patients understand heart health.



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