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• Best Autism App of 2017 on the Healthline’s list
• Used by over 120,000 children with ASD as a supplement to their regular therapy
• Over 60,000 two-and three-year-old children are progressing through MITA on a daily basis
• Includes unlimited language and cognitive exercises good for years of therapy
• Recommended by hundreds of physicians for children with ASD starting from two years of age
Mental Imagery Therapy for Autism (MITA) is a unique, early-intervention application for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). MITA includes bright, interactive puzzles designed to help children learn how to mentally integrate multiple features of an object, an ability proven to lead to vast improvements in general learning. Success with MITA could overtime result in significant improvements in a child’s overall development, specifically in the realms of language, attention and visual skills.
• Based on ABA technique of visual-visual and auditory-visual conditional discrimination.
• Based on language therapy technique of following directions with increasing complexity.
• Based on Pivotal Response Treatment that targets development of response to multiple cues.
A child's ability to notice and to respond to multiple visual cues presented simultaneously is the most critical. This ability is typically impaired in individuals with autism, leading to what is commonly described as "stimulus overselectivity", or "tunnel vision." Improving the capacity to respond to multiple cues has been shown to reduce stimulus overselectivity, which in turn leads to vast improvements in general learning. MITA aims to train mental integration and receptive language, starting with simple vocabulary, and progressing towards higher forms of language, such as adjectives, verbs, pronouns, and syntax.
MITA in the news: https://youtu.be/giZymh3rMHc
MITA research articles: https://goo.gl/28VCGg; http://goo.gl/lyHw95; https://goo.gl/nUpfNU; https://osf.io/preprints/psyarxiv/xtj2z/
• Each game is adaptive and delivers exercises that are at the exact level of difficulty appropriate for your child at any given point in time
• Animated characters and Playtime rewards will keep your child engaged while learning and having fun
• Clean and intuitive interface with beautiful graphics that every child will love
• No ads, no in-app-purchases
MITA includes nine adaptive games that develop a child’s mental-integration ability as well as train their language functions. The visual exercises follow a systematic approach for developing a child's ability to notice multiple features of an object. MITA starts with simple exercises that teach a child to attend to only one feature, such as size (screenshot #1) or color (#2). Over time, the exercises get more difficult and require the child to attend to two features simultaneously, such as both color and size (#3). Once a child has practiced attending to two features, the program moves on to puzzles that require attending to three features, such as color, size and shape (#4), and then eventually to puzzles that involve attending to an ever-increasing number of characteristics.
The verbal exercises in MITA also train your child’s mental integration ability. However these puzzles offer a more conventional, verbal approach to facilitating language acquisition, starting with simple vocabulary, and progressing towards higher forms of language (such as adjectives, prepositions, and syntax).
MITA is designed for early childhood and intended for long-term, daily use. It is designed to be engaging and educational, as well as adaptive and responsive to the individual abilities of each child.
MITA is developed by Dr. A. Vyshedskiy, a neuroscientist from Boston University; R. Dunn, a Harvard-educated early-child-development specialist; MIT-educated, J. Elgart and a group of award-winning artists and developers working alongside experienced therapists.

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.3.5

Our new PlayTime rewards make it much easier to motivate your child to continue working with MITA therapy!
1. We have added Drawing PlayTime for developing self-expression, motor skills & concentration.
2. We’ve also added PBS Kids educational videos as a reward. Note: We only recommend the Video PlayTime reward if your child is not motivated otherwise. If you find that your child is satisfied with the other PlayTimes, please disable the Video PlayTime: Parent's Corner > Settings > PlayTime Settings.
3. You are in full control of the number of PlayTimes your child receives as a reward. Simply open Parent’s Corner > Settings > PlayTime to change the number of rewards.
4. We have added many more encouraging words and phrases spoken after each successful solution.
5. New background melodies help the therapy feel more fun and playful.
6. We have added some general improvements to the most difficult levels of the Language Game.
MITA is your chance to continue at-home therapy that is usually conducted by speech-language pathologists and ABA specialists. We truly believe that MITA can be a life changer for kids with autism as long as the therapy is started early and administered on a regular basis. We encourage you to spread the word! Please write a review in the app store, tell a friend, blog about it, tweet about it, and share your experience with your doctor. The earlier kids start working with MITA, the greater the chances are for vast improvements in the realms of language, attention, fine motor control, and visuo-spatial skills.



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