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The most powerful way of looking Tumblr: So many Tumblrs and photos to look around? Need a grouping? Bookmark or quick access to your favorite blogs? This app's multi-tab feature will be a definitive answer.
[About FastFeed]
FastFeed is a series of iOS app that provides the 'Multi-tab' navigation for various social network services. FastFeed is currently available for Facebook, Tumblr and 500px.
Feature Highlights
• Multi-tab: Each feed is opened on a new tab. The tab has menus such as ‘Close This’, ‘Close All But This’ and ‘Tab History’. It also supports auto-hide/restore.
• Grid/Detail Layout: Grid for fast scanning, Detail for full size content viewing. You can switch both layouts easily by tap/swipe gesture.
• FeedSet: You can create a custom collection of feeds.
More Features
• Smart Paging: Scrolling stops at the beginning of a nearest content.
• Fullscreen image viewer supports endless scroll of all the photos in a feed. Slide show also supported.
• Flexible content layout supports both portrait and landscape orientation.
• Universal app for both iPhone and iPad. Support iPad multitasking(Slide Over, Split View, PIP).
Specifically for Tumblr
• Can post any type of content: photo, video, quotes, chats, links and text.
• Offline posting - you can post anytime.
• Known limitations on Tumblr: ask/reply, fan mail, notifications, tracking tags are disabled. (not provided by Tumblr API).
[Guide to FastFeed]
The Power of Multi-Tab Comes to Mobile App.
Do you remember the thrill when you first used the multi-tab in web browser? It removes the burden of managing windows and gives you a freedom of navigation. The same thing occurs here. FastFeed brings multi-tab to mobile app navigation. This will remove repetitive back operations and give you a seamless content flow. No more ‘Select->View->Back’, just ‘Select->View’ and ‘Select->View’.
Focused on Content.
Multi-tab bar is located at the bottom of the screen and supports auto-hiding. Although it contains powerful functions, it is designed as tiny simple bar. Moreover, it will disappear when scroll down. Accordingly, content view is enlarged to the entire screen, the largest content size as possible. This leads to the best environment to concentrate on content.
Seamless content navigation.
Content is displayed either grid or detail layout. Grid is best for fast scanning. Detail layout is optimized for full-sized content viewing. Two layout are easily switchable by simple tap/swipe gesture. Layout switch always preserves the current viewing position. Multi-tab bar caches last viewed position and layout state. In FastFeed, every content is seamlessly connected and naturally flows.
FeedSet, a custom feed collection.
From the version 2.0, FastFeed offer a new feature 'FeedSet'. In a social world, following is inevitable. But as we follow more, our home feed get easily overcrowded. FeedSet is a elegant solution to this problem. Instead of reducing follow, create a separate collection of blogs containing only the users that you want to see. You can add up to 20 feeds in a FeedSet. Any feed can be added even if you are not following them. You can create FeedSets as many as you want. With the FeedSet, you can put your daily reading in order, while keep your following unconstrained.
The Best App Experience Ever.
FastFeed combines the powerful multi-tab navigation with the simple and intuitive UI. This unique UI can apply to any feed service. First, we show it with FastFeed for Tumblr. And next we proceed for Instagram, 500px and Facebook. With the FastFeed, you can enjoy the best app experience ever. Stay tuned on FastFeed.
• You can use all the features freely without any extra cost. But it also offers in-app-purchase options such as Ad-remove-upgrade.
• FastFeed available only on iOS currently.

Neue Funktionen von Version 3.2.0

New feature 'Tab Manage'.








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Beste tumblr App, Brilliant

Version 3.1.2
Habe praktisch alle ausprobiert und ff ist die überkompletteste und bietet die besten features.
Sehr guter support.
Vorgeschlagene Features werden sofern für gut befunden zügig einprogrammiert.
Slideshow, like, reblog super gelöst.
Flüssiger Workflow. Genial umgesetzt.


Version 2.7.2
Sehr schnell, Werbung erschert navigieren, suche mit swipe rechts stürzt ab

Uber-awesome Tumblr app

Version 2.7.2
Ich bin eher durch Zufall darauf gestoßen – habe ich heute endlich DIE App für Tumblr gefunden, die ich schon sooo lange suchte. Absolut empfehlenswert! Und die zusätzlichen, kostenpflichtigen Optionen sind ihr Geld absolut wert, wirklich toll!