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Radish is a magical world where you can indulge in thousands of the hottest bite-sized romance, mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction stories. Dive into everything from supernatural stories of shape-shifting werewolves to romantic tales with billionaire bosses -- With Radish, there’s a story for everyone.
What you will love about Radish:
Spend endless hours reading episodes of free stories from your new favorite romance authors with daily updates
Read Radish Original stories written by some of daytime TV’s TOP Emmy-winning writers
Enjoy Chat Stories - text message conversations that will have you tapping your way through your favorite genres, including romance, fantasy, mystery, and more
Join live interactive chat rooms where you can talk directly with the authors and other readers
You can have exclusive access to this land of unfiltered fiction whenever you desire.
Looking for good romance books as a bedtime story? On your lunch break? Have a minute between classes? Dive in. Maybe even read a few episodes while the baby is sleeping. Jump into the story whenever and as often as you want -- your secret is safe with us, we promise.
What types of binge-worthy stories can you indulge in?
Meet Mina from our viral hit His Royal Appetite -- she just got fired from her job and thinks it's the worst day of her life until she meets a sexy stranger named Leo at a bar. After their hot one-night stand, Mina discovers he is not just “Leo-from-the-bar” -- he is Leopold Desmet, Duke of Brinovia.
Looking for more than a one-night stand with a royal duke? Meet Caliana from the paranormal world of Torn Between Alphas. Faced with a financial crisis she has a choice: A) Borrow money. B) Find another job. C) Sell herself to the Alpha. Cali chooses C and offers her soul to the highest bidder. But Xavier wants nothing to do with the girl his brother found online. He’s an Alpha and her annoying presence has ticked off an enemy wolf pack who would like nothing more than to see Xavier—and now Cali—dead.
Join college student Emily as she becomes the surrogate for enigmatic billionaire Colton Collins. She signed on to have his child, but was completely unprepared for the passion that erupted between them, and the dark secrets from Colton’s past.
You can also jump into thrilling fantasy encounters, young adult coming-of-age stories, exhilarating horror adventures, passionate LGBTQ+ romances, and everything in between. Our diverse and award-winning authors have got you covered.
Who is part of our amazing author community?
We support and encourage writers from every realm. Read stories from New York Times and USA Today’s best-selling authors. Explore Radish Originals written by award-winning writers known for producing some of the most well-known, engaging plotlines on television - series such as Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, and All My Children. You will also discover stories by emerging writers and unique creator-owned titles like Simone Shirazi’s global phenomenon fairytale retelling series.
You can support Radish stories and writers by purchasing coins to unlock more juicy episodes. We also have a lot of fun in-app events where you’ll have the chance to win coins!
Want to know more about our community and follow along for the journey?
Radish Fiction was built with passion across oceans from Seoul → New York City.
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This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve the Radish Experience.



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Freigabe 17+ für Folgendes:
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: obszöner oder vulgärer Humor
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Horror-/Gruselszenen
Häufig/stark ausgeprägt: Szenen mit erotischen Anspielungen
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: sexuelle Inhalte oder Nacktheit
Selten/schwach ausgeprägt: Gebrauch von Alkohol, Tabak oder Drogen bzw. Verweise hierzu


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293 Bewertungen


Torn between two alphas

Curly Suw

Reine Abzocke

Version 2.33.0
Sorry aber man muss für ein Kapitel das der kurz ist 1 Stunde lang warten! oder man zahlt und das finde ich einfach nicht schön entweder man kauft gleich das ganze Buch oder man sollte die Wartezeiten kürzen oder es gleich so machen dass man am Anfang des Buches 20 Coins zahlt und dann am Ende nichts mehr da es viele Kommentare unter den Büchern gibt dass sie nicht weiterlesen, und dass man pro Kapitel 1 Stunde warten muss und dann nur ein kleines Kapitel bekommt. Und wenn alles zusammen gerechnet wird und ich das Buch das ich gerade angefangen habe zu Ende lesen würde ,müsste ich über 200 $ (für Coins) zahlen was sehr viel ist deswegen gebe ich nur zwei Sterne!
Bitte liebes Radish Team verbessert das! sonst wird die App wirklich ein Flop obwohl es schon schöne Geschichten gibt die man lesen kann aber wenn es so eine Vermarktung ist dann wird das leider Nix!

Nicht gut

Elli ^-^
Version 3.11.0
Seitdem Update kann ich keine Kapitel mehr öffnen.
Ich kann nichts mehr lesen

Where‘s the night mode?

Version 3.7.0
I love this app and the stories. But since the screen is always lit fully, my phone battery drops low all the time. I would really appreciate a night mode with black screen and white letters.

Top App mit spannenden Geschichten

Version 3.12.0
Alles super!


Version 1.22.2
Es steht zwar auf deutsch ist es verfügbar aber es gibt keine Einstellung wo man die Sprachen ändern kann

Network Error

Version 1.35.16
I really liked the app and i found some amazing books on radish! However, the app suddenly stopped working and now tells me there is a “Network Error”, even though my Wifi is working. I uninstalled the app and rebooted my phone, but it’s still not working. It’s a pity.

Abzocke / ripoff

Carolin Märten
Version 1.4
Mal abgesehen davon, dass dort keine qualitativ hochwertigen Bücher zu lesen sind (Rechtschreib- u. Grammatikfehler), ist das monatliche Abo einfach nur Abzocke! Wenn man seine Coupons nicht verbraucht hat verfallen sie einfach! Dafür soll ich 10€ im Monat zahlen?!
Apart from the fact that the books available aren’t really high quality (spelling and grammar mistakes), the monthly plan really is just a ripoff. The way too expensive coupons just expire with the beginning of the next month!

Too expensive for average reading habit

Version 1.6
The story got me hooked, but I ran put of subscription coins too quickly - though I would say my reading habit is quite average (not too much). If a better subscription model was offered, I‘d definitely stay, but I‘ve cancelled the subscription. 3 coins for very short chapters and still limited coins in every subscription plan is too much. Too bad 😢Grammar and spelling errors were a bit annoying, but the good story overweighed.

Absolutely unrealistic pricing

Version 3.15.1
For a book with +-200 chapters you’d have to pay approx. 22€ to be able to read the complete book without having to wait!

Ich kann die Sprache nicht ändern

Version 3.14.0
Ich weiß nicht wie die Sprache änder kann. Ich kann kein Englisch, ich möchte es gerne auf Deutsch haben.
Bitte helft mir. Dann gebe ich auch mehr Sterne .
I don't know how language can change. I don't speak English, I would like to have it in German.
Please help me. Then I also give more stars.

Selling myself to the Alpha

Version 1.7
Really captivating, even though I’m not into werewolf or vampire story

Read offline

Version 1.21
My wifi crashes all the time so it’s really annoying you can’t read offline


Mtudhyrshng gc
Version 2.28.0
Bleibt oft hängen, design ist echt gewöhnungsbedürftig, drei coins sind zu viel in vergleich zum geldwert. dafür kann man zu wattpad gehen, ist umsonst und wenn ein Autor geld möchte kann er dies kriegen in dem er ab und zu eine sehr kurze werbung abspielt zwischen kapitel. Ich habe mir mehr von Radish erhofft...


Kein Spitzname 789
Version 2.31.0
Es ist sch***e
1 es kostet unnötig Geld , Wattpad ist kostenlos
2 es funktioniert öfters nicht ich kann mich nicht mal mehr anmelden
3 es bleibt immer stehen
4 ein chapter Kostet 3 coins sorry aber sogar ein echtes ich zu kaufen ist billiger !

Offline Storys

Version 2.30.0
I think the App is quite good but what annoys me is that u cant read storys offline

Klasse App!

Version 2.16.0
Endlich mal eine App, die es uns ermöglicht Kapitel unserer Lieblingsbücher für wenig Geld im Voraus zu lesen :D

It crashes

I really enjoy this app and normally don't have any problems but recently it keeps crashing. So that's why I only gave it three stars, sorry.

Tiny tiny problem

Honestly I love the app and I used to use it every day to read instead of other apps(like wattpad) but since that update I am not able to read anything at all. The app works just fine as long as I don't try to read anything. I can add new books to my library and explore new stories but I can't read them. For example I want to read the first chapter of a new story I just found and click on it, it starts loading and then the app closes itself. That happens every time I try to read. If not for that problem I really love the app and enjoy it immensely.

Support good authors!!

- very friendly and nice team
- layout of the app
- you can support your favourite authors
- you can't comment the stories
- if the story has many chapters you will pay a lot more than you would pay for a normal book