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Neue Funktionen von Version 3.47.0

You will now be able to see if an article has been updated, plus we have made general improvements and fixed some bugs.



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Excellent content, but many technical annoyances

Version 3.47.0
While The Economist's editorial content is generally excellent, the app has numerous technical annoyances. It tends to load slowly and often displays several flickers of 'The world in brief' as the most prominent element upon opening. Furthermore, upon opening, the app disrupts the device's audio stream. (Which, I‘ve been informed, is intentional, because there’s “a lot of inbuilt audio articles”.) In contrast, the play buttons, unlike those in other apps, do not immediately initiate playback; instead, they present a menu offering various options for adding content to your playlist. It took several years of support inquiries before a proper method was finally implemented to navigate back to the top-level menu. Also, annoyingly, the app persistently inquires about your satisfaction, disregarding your device settings that explicitly request apps not to solicit ratings.
Edit 2024-02-16: The annoyance of interrupting the audio stream has been fixed.

Buggy app

Version 3.44.1
So frustrating to pop in and out of the app to not be on the same page of the weekly edition, but be forced to find your place again.

Superior journalism, mediocre app

Version 3.44.1
It‘s fantastic that the journalistic quality keeps beating my expectations. However, the app should adhere to iOS navigation standards. For example, when swiping from the left edge of the screen, it should take me back to the previous page, not some random article. Also, in the past weeks, multiple updates erased all „marked as read“ indicators. That’s just annoying. Plus: Why do I still get ads even if I pay them a whopping 25€ per month?

Best newspaper but not best app

Version 3.44.1
No doubt the journalism is great, but the app can be improved. Why are the Economists podcasts presented much better in Spotify than in the Economists app?

Not reliable

Version 3.44.1
- could not recognize my web subscription
- delete and reinstall, as per advice from customer service, looses all your saved articles

Ads despite subscription

Version 3.43.1
This has to be a joke, no?
I’m paying them (quite a bit of) money for my subscription, and still they feel the need to flash ads right into my eyes? What an absurd money-making scheme is this?

Gute Zeitung aber leider nur im Abo und mit Google-Werbung

Version 3.43.0
Der Economist bietet gute Analyen des Weltgeschehens in Poltik und Wirtschaft. Leider bietet die App nicht die Möglichkeit, ab und zu ein einzelnes Heft zu laden (früher gab es das ohne Abonnement) und ist gespickt mit aufdringlicher Google-Werbung.

Buga all the time

I’m tired of trying to use the app ti listen tj articles every day there there is a new bug and the only way of fixing it is erasing the app.

The App has always bugs and every update seems to make it even slower

Version 3.35.0
Every update causes some part of the app not to function. It’s been like that for a while now…


Version 3.2.0
The audio does not work since the last update. Please fix this issue.
Update: Customer Service was able to help me.

Content 5 stars, usability 0

Version 3.29.0
It is a pity that the technical implementation of the app is very bad and repeatedly causes problems and frustration.

Nice App But currently laggy

Version 2.23.0
I like the app, but currently it is really laggy. It takes ages until it gets that I pressed a button. Other apps on my phone do not have that problem. I hope they solve it fast.

Performance issues

Version 3.4.2
Overall performance is a joke, scrolling especially (iPhone 13 pro max)

Audio App Fail

Version 3.18.0
The content is excellent but the audio function in the app is annoying. It apparently fails to track what has already been heard and keeps jumping back to previously heard episodes and articles rather than moving on to the next unheard piece. This is extremely frustrating and requires a fix!

Missing Highlighting Feature

Version 3.3.0
I really enjoy reading the economist. But I feel like the app is missing some key features, such as text highlighting and the possibility of exporting g those highlights into another app. Also the Playlist functionality for the audio edition is rather unintuitive.

Disabled highly useful standard features

Version 3.0.2
It‘s of course great journalism.
But usability has become very poor: it is not possible to use the lookup or translate feature for single words in the text.
Given the rich and high-end vocabulary used this really kills one of the major benefits of the digital subscription vs print. It seems that the Economist has disabled this highly useful feature on purpose.

Not able to select words for search/translation on iOS

Version 2.22.0
I can’t select words anymore to use the search or translation function. I can only copy paragraphs since the update. I will stop my subscription if it does not go back as before.
Also the app is extremely slow when considering it’s only displaying text. A YouTube vidéo takes less time to load.

The Economist

Trump the Liar
Version 3.40.2
I have been reading The Economist for over fifty years. It is the best English language political/economic publication bar none. Impartial, dependable and always informative.

Nice app but synchronization of articles still missing

Version 2.13.1
Longtime reader and in particular listener to the economist. It’s annoying that when switching between phone and tablet, I can’t pick up where I left, since the article progress is not synchronized… This is especially annoying when listing to your articles…

Predatory practices

Wassaily Booslaeugh
Version 2.5.0
It is made purposefully hard to cancel one’s subscription. No direct option on the website. Only possible via chat. They will keep you waiting while offering you discounts etc. just to keep you from cancelling. Absolutely terrible experience. Very disappointed that The Economist would resort to such measures. I have been a subscriber on and off since 2006, since I have a busy life I am not always finding the time to read the magazine. I will certainly think twice before getting another subscription.

Great app for subscribers, but can still be improved

Version 2.25.0
I use this app almost daily. It is fast and reliable. The content of the Economist is always interesting, relevant and beautifully written.
The fifth star will be awarded as soon as the built-in audio player is able to show the remaining listening time as a countdown - instead of just displaying the total length of the article all the time.


Version 3.11.0
If you quit the app, you won’t get back to the article you were reading. Instead you‘re redirected to the starting page and are left to search on your own what you had been reading

Actually awesome but…

Version 2.26.0
Current version shows „Interaction Present Error“ with „InAppRatingDialog“ not implemented. Present on every new InApp window. Please fix that annoying bug.

Pls no cleaning of audio playlist not yet listened to

Version 3.12.1
Great you finally added enough features to the audio function to make it work — and make me drop the legacy app.
One wish: When a new weekly edition is published, last week’s audio queue seems to be erased. Would be much better to persist it (those parts not yet listened to), and let me add audio articles from the new weekly edition to it. Last weeks selection is still valid, just did not get around to listen to it all :—).


Version 3.30.0
Die App ist eigentlich sehr gut, was mir aber noch fehlt sind Homebildschirm Widgets, dann wäre sie wirklich perfekt.

App is mediocre at best

Version 3.23.0
App does show stuff to read but feels rather like an embedded webpage. What really bums me is the fact that my bookmarks are not synched across devices and the webpage. I need to log in and give credentials. Why can’t I have full synch? Also, notifications cannot be managed properly, so one is getting quite bombarded with them.

Too many bells and whistles

Version 2.20.4
More and more articles not available as audio. Discrepancies between text and audio increasing. Recording quality declined. Why does this one app take up more than 30% of my battery (especially via „background activities“)? App was better multiple years ago.

Apple watch app

Version 2.28.1
I would love to listen to my saved stories while jogging.

Okay app but absolutely annoying one needs internet for Audio

Version 3.37.0
Okayish app but not amazing. Totally annoying is that you need still internet for audio listening to articles once an edition is already downloaded. You need internet each time you open the app and between listening to articles.


Version 3.27.0
Vorsicht vor dem Economist. Nach dem wechsel von der Legacy app zur neuen App ist mein Jahres Abonnement nicht wieder herstellbar. Der support konnte es nicht lösen und eine Rückerstattung ist nicht möglich.

Nice content, poor delivery

cyber Todd
Version 2.17.5
Audio playback feature is not intuitive to use. Hard to believe given all the examples of other companies. Magazine layout is also awkward to navigate through such as seeing the table of contents for an issue, and navigating between articles. App needs a major rewrite.

Easy &Works!

Version 3.22.0
The App is one of the easiest news app to use and it’s not overcrowded.

Two suggestions

Version 1.8
The app does not rotate. Only at the very start of opening it. Please change this. Then, I’d love to be able to change the text into two columns to replicate the print version on my iPad.
Edit: I would also love to have the split screen option enabled!

A regular reader saying thanks!

A kutty
Version 3.19.0
Thanks for the great unbiased content! Rich insights and the complementary YouTube video and Podcasts.

Highest quality journalism I know. And a great app

Version 3.6.0

A very well functioning app

Version 3.1.0
Im very happy with content on the Economist and with the app!

Hi quality, but expensive

München 2001
Version 2.17.12
Hi quality journalism, but expensive compared to other publications in its class, which why I docked it a star.

App ist etwas langsam

Version 2.23.3
Journalismus sehr gut fundiert - recherchiert und unbiased. Nur die App hat einzelne Lags welches korrigiert werden muss

Worst customer experience when I want to cancel

Version 3.28.0
You are forced to chat with a customer agent when you want to cancel and even if you want to or have time you have to answer random questions before you are given the go to cancel. This is ridiculous and not thoughtful on the customer experience perspective. If your sign up was seamless so should your exit be.

Careful with subscriptions

Version 2.21.0
The economist tries hard to keep you as a customer with dishonest methods like saying you can easily and fast unsubscribe, but you rather have to plan hours ahead to contact them via phone or chat with one of their agents who tries HARD to convince you to stay and only then this person decides if you leave or not, which is mindblowing to me. I never thought The Economist would employ such unserious behaviours before I subscribed.

Simple, functional, no-nonsense

Version 3.0.3
You can read the weekly editions, you can read the latest articles. You can adjust the font size, you can mark articles you want to read later. The app does what it should: it lets you read The Economist; and it does it well.

Too much ads

Version 3.14.0
The amount of ads shown in the paid version is just too intense.

Offline Audio funktioniert nicht wirklich

Version 2.17.10
Dass der Economist inhaltlich hervorragend ist ist unbestritten. Bei dieser Bewertung geht es aber um die App. Und die hat Probleme mit offline Audio. Wenn ich nicht online bin hakelt das Audio bei jedem neuen Track; anstatt alles einmal runterzuladen und dann abzuspielen wie das bei der Legacy App problemlos möglich war...
Und wenn man unterwegs ist dann verbraucht der Quatsch auch noch üppig mobile Daten...

Content too, app flop

Version 3.21.0
The Economist remains my favorite news channel - yet the app is disappointing: confusing structure, downloading of audio takes incredibly long / fails frequently. User experience checks would be great.

Hard to unsubscribe

Version 3.24.2
They make you believe that you have unsubscribed, even send you an email that your settings have changed. But actually you are not. Rip off.


Version 3.0.11
It’s great

Tolle App für die beste Nachrichtenquelle der Welt

Version 3.0.9
Ich bin seit fast 20 Jahren Abonnent. Keine Beschwerden. Hervorragende App, und erstklassiger Content Woche für Woche.

No Widget

Version 3.24.5
I like choosing news articles from my widget section. In Germany, FAZ has a widget that really facilitates quick reads. The economics of having a widget are most apparent.

The Economist

Version 3.42.0
One of the very best Weekly ‼️

Great content, app user friendly

Version 3.20.1
Love the Economist, always interesting content in short, snappy, to-the-point articles, user friendly app and website! Thank you!

Journalismus erster Klasse

Version 3.8.0
Der Economist bietet anspruchsvolle und fundierte Artikel ohne Umschweife, ich bin sehr zufrieden!

Top journalism, but bad app

Version 3.12.0
The journalism is amazing but the app is frustrating. I have the following issues. 1) My iPhone runs very hot when using the app. Displaying text should not be that demanding. I am running an iPhone XS. 2) When using the audio playback, the app regularly terminates, then I have to restart it, and finally I cannot listen to the specific piece of content because the app cannot start the audio replay again. 3) The audio download is slow, the phone is hot, the app terminated multiple times per edition that I try to download. This is frustrating. 4) The app terminates out of the blue.
I would really hope that the decs fix this soon. It’s a pity because I adore the economist as a newspaper!

Extremely frustrating and far below what should be The Economists aspiration

Three years later, this comment is unfortunately still true: Over the years, I have lost marked articles many times in updates of this mediocre app. Ripping pages out of the magazine is more reliable and I have gone back to doing that for material I want to keep. The Economist has great content and I love to read it. But the app still has immense room for improvement. I have subscribed to the Economist for two or three decades and am disappointed at this obvious failure to go digital in a competent and engaging manner. Please read this comment and do something!

Changes regional edition and problems with offline reading

For some time I am asked to try this app whithin the legacy app, so I gave it another try. Sadly this is still a very poor successor. Very annoying is the fact that the app delivers a different regional edition from my print and legacy app and I did not find any ways ro set the preference. Another major problem (already many times critizised in comments here) is the limited use without internet access. Internet Access is not only a problem for the few readers on airplanes but permanently affects many users behind various firewalls (including the great firewall).
This makes the App unusable. I hope the legacy app will stay online until there is a better alternative.


Bin immer top informiert und auf dem neuesten Stand und lerne über die Geschehnisse weltweit

Warum gibt es die Playlisten nicht mehr?

Die Applikation ist insgesamt sehr gelungen. Bedauerlicherweise wurde aber die sehr nützliche Funktion, für die Audiobeiträge Playlisten anlegen zu können, bei der Modernisierung gespart. Daher bleibe ich dabei, die Legacy App zu nutzen

Must read for open minded (at least european) citizens

I love the Economist for its high quality journalism. It provides always a fact based, thouroghly investigated contents. For me it‘s the objective view on everything that happens in Europe and the world. Won‘t miss it. And btw the digital format is excellent.

Kein Zeitungs-Feeling mehr

Für mich Grund auf ein Papierabo umzustellen

Playing audio files

I would enjoy if the audio function would save audio files in the order as I select them. It currently does so the other way around. The last article I want to hear appears first in the list and if I start with the end of the list to hear the article I first selected (and whom I most want to listen to) the audio streaming stops when the last title is finished. Afterwards I need to manually select the next title. This is a bit complicated especially when you are listening to the economist while running or in the go.

Gutes Magazin

Es ist sehr gut.

Inhalte top, App Flop

Die App ist unübersichtlich und wenig nutzerfreundlich. Vermisste eine klare inhaltliche Struktur.

Still too beta

Aadhi Leonard
Version 3.2 now, and I still can’t skip back too the last 15 or 30 seconds from the Lock Screen or from my Apple Watch. Going back to the legacy app - thank God they haven’t removed it yet.

Good App - Good News - Daily Briefing?

I highly appreciate the economist and its writers with their detailed thorough analysis.
But why is the daily news since the last update missing ?
Additionally why I have to change into the dark modus manually, iPhone supports that the app changes automatically when sundown started?

Espresso briefing corrections happen too often!

I respect the Economist and I wouldn’t pay this price If I didn’t believe in its value but the number of corrections of the Espresso briefing make me deeply doubt The Economist’s accuracy. I appreciate the corrections and yes, they can happen, but at this rate it makes me wonder who’s writing them and if I should I continue reading them. Would rate this 5 stars if it wasn’t for the frequent corrections.

Good, short stories, bad service

Good app with short stories. If you are looking for more background information it’s probably the wrong place. The service is frustrating. No easy way to end subscription. Some poor outsourced workers seem to handle multiple requests at the same time and try to convince you to buy something else. A button would have worked quite well…

Content good as always, but App UX to be improved

Compared to the previous app the location of last reading is not remembered. That leads to a lot of searching and clicking when reopening the app…
Additionally, it would be nice to indicate if an article has already been read. The reason is that some articles are now available earlier than the whole magazine issue. An indicator could avoid confusion and wasted time.
Please improve the user friendliness of the app.

First class

andreas isenschmid
Inhaltlich, sprachlich, technisch Klasse!

No functionality when offline

The app suffers from issues that make it unreliable / unusable. When there is no mobile internet reception, it log off and forces me to re-log into my account - which is impossible without internet connection. It is also not possible to fully download audio version -even when the app shows audio is downloaded, it still tries to connect to the internet - making it impossible to listen in areas with limited access to internet like underground metro.

Excellent Journalism, App improving but not there yet

Dear Economist,
I’ve been an avid reader for over 15 years and one of your biggest fans.
The latest updates to the App in the last weeks are fantastic and the usability has increased.
One big issue remains : when you start reading an article and continue later (without bookmarking it), the last article and position are not auto-saved anymore.
For some reason with the lastest major update this feature was removed and is very annoying because you have to open the weekly edition, find the article and then find the last position. This wastes time and takes away the fun part of reading the digital magazine.
Please fix this!
Thank you

Finished audio arrticles missing the red tick

Fantastic magazine and marcelous app. Just recently began using the audio edition more and more. Using it I noticed that only the first heard article from each section is ticked of when finished with a red tick.
Would be great if this would occur for every article fully played or is it a bug at my end?

Gut aber mit gelegentlichen Abstürzen

Ich benutze die App sehr gerne. Abzug leider wegen gelegentlichen Abstürzen, die schon viele Monate auftreten ohne behoben zu werden

Good overview but lacks some features

Overall quite good. But:
- can not gift links to friends.
- can bookmark in the app but in the website my bookmarks do not exist, the website does not include this feature at all.
- Would like to browse the 1843 magazine in a separate section.

Annoying moving ads

I have a paid subscription and enjoy the app and journalism a lot. I find the moving ads very annoying however. I see that printed magazines that you buy have ads too but these are not changing every few seconds. It‘s hard to concentrate on the article when there‘s something blinking right next to it the whole time.

Great paper, mediocre app

The app has some obvious bugs that should be fixed. Its UI is quite counter-intuitive and should offer a few more options.
1. I usually read or listen to the weekly edition. When opening the app I should be able to return to the last article, instead of being pushed to the daily section.
2. I switch between reading and listening often. The last article should have an option to move in tandem.
3. There are bugs with audio playback all the time, even when downloaded. Stopping, not resuming, starting the next weeks issue when I want to resume listening to the current article etc.
4. The ads are intrusive. I doubled my payment to The Economist by moving from the Kindle to the App edition and in return I get audio, which is great, and ads, which are annoying. The ads should be removed and the price increased. Alternatively, at least change the UI so that scrolling on a small phone screen actually leads to scrolling and not to accidentally opening ads all the time.
Hope this helps to improve!

Details need fixing

Overall, a quite impressive app as it mostly manages to combine the daily and weekly reporting of The Economist - and the audio versions - under one electronic roof.
However, there are still a few bugs lurking here and there. For instance, displaying articles (and yes, I am a subscriber) on my iPad in landscape mode, the right ends of several lines get truncated (1-2 letters missing), resulting in poor readability.
This should be fixed soon.

Audio downloads funktionieren nicht richtig

Die App funktioniert nur, wenn man eine gute Internetverbindung hat. Das nervt wahnsinnig. Dazu kommt, dass die "heruntergeladenen" Audioversionen der Artikel nicht verfügbar sind wenn man kein Internet hat. Warum soll ich die dann überhaupt herunterladen? Extrem ätzend.

Great app but with room to improve

I really enjoy the app, but there are two features that are missing for me:
1. Automatic download of audio when on WiFi
2. “Playlist” of articles visible in car infotainment when listening via Bluetooth or CarPlay (this is how I consume almost 90% of the articles in the issue)

Downloading current issue fully not possible and no syncs between devices

It’s not possible to download the current issue fully and take it with you. At best you are able to download the text, but none of the graphics an images. That’s a shame.
Also, there is no synch of read status across devices, which makes transitioning from iPad to iPhone less smooth than it could be.

The app is good but some enhancements could improve it

The app is good, is stable, light and works smoothly most of the times. However, the app could benefit of some features that would easily turn it into a 5 star. For example, the ability to synchronize between devices the last status (where I left reading) and the bookmarks. Also, more contextual info could be available through links to other artifacts (articles, dictionary, etc) or even external content. The app should offer more
control about the content (current and old) and the account (for example, the ability to change region).

Great app with an irritating bug!

Stelios Katsanevakis
Great content and app.
There is a bug for some time now that I wish it would get fixed. With the iPad Pro 11 it is not possible to scroll or navigate the app while you are listening to an article. This is possible with my iPhone though.
It would make the app perfect for me if you could fix this. Thank you in advance!

Great app, but does not allow for editions

I love reading my Economist via the app. As a subscriber to the European edition, my only complaint is that it seems the app can only show the US edition with the US section in front an Europe last. Please allow for selecting editions so I can have the sections in the same order in the app as it is in my printed version. Thx.

Audio Stops Frequently

Arne W.
It seems that using other apps while listening to the audio edition leads to sudden stops of the playback. Even in apps that have no audio function themselves or one which is run on startup.
Switching into the Economist app, the App is refreshing (which is not working riding the Berlin U-Bahn or being on the plane) and one has to go the the tab of the current edition, wait for the loading to finish and then start playback once more. As this is one of many issues in a series, I suspect that the Economist app team has some serious QA issue.

Content the best, payment and customer service the worst

Payed for yearly subscription via iPad, didn’t get login credentials for the website, restore purchases on iPhone doesn’t work. One customer service rep claimed website is not included, another claimed its apples fault, a third one suggested that I should buy a second subscription via the website. No ownership, no solutions offered so far. Really disappointed as the magazine and its content is amazing. Could imagine becoming a lifetime subscriber. But not this way. If the issue is not resolved soon I will ask apple for a refund.

Outstanding content, largely good usability

Anthony Jameson
The content of the app is terrific, as you would expect from the Economist. Among other benefits, it's great to be able to hear the stories read by readers who evidently understand the content and know how to pronounce the foreign words and names. The app does a generally good job of making the content conveniently available. I deducted 1 star because the app sometimes shows hard-to-understand and/or unpredictable behaviour in connection with the playing of audio.

Excellent experience

Karl Andersson
State of the art complement to the magazine, just as you would expect. I especially like that they listen to feedback from their subscribers. I requested that it should be possible to select text, mainly so that I can use Apple’s “look up” function for words I don’t understand. In the next update they had included that function - thank YOU!

Audio Edition fehlt

Jetzt gibt es anscheinend zwei App für eine Zeitschrift. Bei der hier sind weniger bugs als in der anderen, die gerne mal abstürzt oder lange lädt. Dafür fehlt hier die Audio Edition. Irgendwie ist das alles nichts. Bei so einer tollen Zeitung müsste die App doch wirklich besser sein können.

Subskription via App does not work

I purchased a subscription via the App and received a receipt and invoice from Apple. However, I never received Login details. I contacted the Economist and they said this problem has to be solved by Apple („ because you got the App from their App Store“). The Economist could not even check whether my email is in their system.
Of course, Apple could not help either because they did not programm the App. Apple reimbursed the money for the subsciption.
The Economist is really a great magazine. The App and their customer service are not of the same quality.