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Climb aboard The Riverboat Gambler and enjoy some of the hottest casino games around! This app serves up 64 different games and there are more planned.
You will be amazed at the realism of your experience. Players are saying that they are becoming more proficient at the live games by practicing with Riverboat Gambler. Please read the reviews from loyal Players and professional casino Dealers who are using RBG for training purposes!
Games Include:
1. Mississippi Stud
2. Three Card Poker
3. Ultimate Texas Hold’em
4. Criss Cross
5. Double Draw Poker
6. Let It Ride
7. Blackjack
8. Crazy 4 Poker
9. High Card Flush*
10. Pai Gow (tiles)
11. Pai Gow Poker
12. Asia Poker
13. Caribbean Stud Poker
14. Texas Hold’em BONUS
15. Baccarat
16. DJ Wild Poker
17. Tequila Poker
18. Red Dog Bonus!
19. Casino War
20. Keno
21. Roulette (American)
22. Craps
23. Lunar Poker
24. Cajun Poker
25. Four Card Poker
26. Heads Up Hold'em
27. Omaha Hold'em
28. Texas Shootout
29. Farobank
30. Face Up Pai Gow
31. Face Up Blackjack (Double Exposure Blackjack)
32. Jackpot Hold'em
33. Down Under Blackjack
34. Zombie Blackjack
35. Three Card Blitz
36. Casino Over/Under
37. Money Wheel
38. Three Card Fury
39. Four Card Frenzy
40. Big Raise Stud Poker
41. Single Deck Blackjack
42. Three Card Blackjack
43. Three Card Draw Poker
44. Deuces Wild
45. Bonus Six Stud Poker
46. 3-5-7 Poker
47. Chase the Flush
48. Fish, Prawn, Crab
49. Boule
50. Spanish 21*
51. Wild Five Poker (Poker with a Joker)
52. Boston 5 Poker
53. Deuces Wild Bonus! (Deuces Wild Hold'em Fold'em)
54. Sic Bo - IPad only
55. Six Card Poker
56. Rabbit Hunter
57. Cali Lowball
58. Deuces Wild (Video Poker)
59. Jacks or Better (Video Poker)
60. Joker Poker (Video Poker)
61. Royal Flush (Video Poker)
62. Double Double Bonus (Video Poker)
63. Triple Double Bonus (Video Poker)
64. Three Card Sabotage
* These games are not currently available on the smaller legacy SE devices. The limited screen real estate makes it difficult to display the large number of cards that are required to play the game.
These games were designed & developed by an ardent casino player who plays 3-4 times every week. No worries if you do not know how to play. Each game includes detailed instructions and rules as well as descriptions of the possible poker hands and the related payouts. Already a player? You're going to love being able to "sit at the table" and practice your technique.
Each game includes its own separate set of achievements for you to tackle as you are building up your bankroll and you will periodically be rewarded with bonus chips throughout the day.
You are sure to have hours of fun improving your understanding of the games!
To top it off, the developer personally reviews ALL feedback and acts upon it. If you have suggestions, submit them! Many of the current games were introduced in response to Player feedback.
Note: some games may not be available on devices with smaller screens because you would need a microscope to view your cards!

Neue Funktionen von Version 60.2.0

Quite a bit of work went into this release. I hope you like it and I hope I didn't break anything!
The main thrust of this release was to adjust the screens for 11" iPads that have adjusted displays to use "More Space". Prior, screens were not being fully utilized & things were not nicely centered. Definitely an issue for my OCD. On a side note: if you notice issues with a screen on your device, please make me aware using "Send Feedback".
RBG currently supports 18 device sizes/resolutions and many of the game boards can be configured, in Preferences, for Left or Right Handed modes. This feature tends is extremely beneficial on an iPhone where you're overworking your thumb to reach buttons! On iPads, the games support both Portrait & Landscape modes.
Another huge benefit of supporting the increased resolution of the 11" iPads is that it makes Craps, Roulette, & Sic Bo (iPad only games) available.
As a result of these changes, it was necessary for me to exhaustively test each game. While doing so, I made some adjustments and enhancements and addressed some minor backlog items related to some of the games. In addition to these changes, I updated my development environment to support iOS 17 and tested the games on that version of the operating system.
Game enhancements:
1. Fish, Prawn, Crab: I've removed the "Roll" button to present it more in line with Craps and Sic-Bo. Now, to roll the dice, simply tap them.
2. Criss Cross: on iPads, I modified the screens so that the bankroll balance sits between the Deal & Fold buttons like it does on most games. I've been playing a lot of Criss Cross lately as I try to develop a decent strategy for that game and I accidentally hit “Fold” a couple of times; not cool!
3. Texas Shootout: I've adjusted the placement of the results message that gets displayed at the end of a hand. Sometimes, that message can be large and it was covering up too much of the Community Cards. Now, it should be easier to interpret the results while being able to see all of the cards on the table.
4. Criss Cross: if a Full House was Folded, the "Oops! Achievement” for "Folded Full House" wasn't being awarded. This also affects the other "Oops!" achievements.
5. 3 Card Fury: the alignment of the "Failed To Qualify" windows were not correct for iPads that were in Landscape mode and set to Left-Handed mode.
6. Ads: I'm so sick of shady advertisers that I could chew nails! Still, the infrequent ads do generate a small amount of revenue for me and I'll take every dime I can get. I have been running into situations where the ads (one should be shown after every 85 hands) are not defaulting to being on mute. Personally, I find that aggravating! I've made some changes in this release that I am hoping will mute them correctly.
There are still more than 100 items in the backlog. These items include your requests & suggestions and code refinement activities that I need to address. Please continue to use "Send Feedback" to share your thoughts with me. I take all input seriously and will do the best I can to satisfy your requests. If I can't, I'll be honest with you about it.
If you haven't already, please consider leaving a review in the App Store to share your impression of RBG with others. I read and respond to all reviews. I don't have the financial resources to do mass advertising of the app, so you are my marketing team. I also believe that you are the best advertising I could have. As long as you are supporting Riverboat Gambler, I will continue to work tirelessly to improve and enhance it.
Best wishes to all! My mom will be returning to Florida for the Winter in the next few weeks. Her health is amazing! Thank you to everyone who continues to ask about her. The previous two years were a medical nightmare! She's had a heck of a journey and I'm happy to report that she can be expected to be around for many, many more years!



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Very nice casual gambling app

Version 20.0.0
Works without problems for me, wonderful for a few hands of poker variants at a time without risking money.