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Juno Connect is a client app for Jupyter, an interactive cloud-based computational environment, where you can combine code execution, rich text, mathematics, plots and rich media.
When you run code in Juno Connect, the actual computing is happening on a remote Jupyter server, giving you access to virtually unlimited computational resources from your iPhone or iPad. You can either connect to your own Jupyter server — directly via HTTP/HTTPS, or by establishing an SSH tunnel with local port forwarding — or use cloud computing services, such as CoCalc or Binder. And if you would rather execute code on device instead, check out our other app Juno — it lets you work with Jupyter notebooks autonomously on your iPhone or iPad.
• Full-featured notebook editor provides complete development environment on your iPad or iPhone: it supports Dark Mode and Dynamic Type, offers extended on-screen keyboard and works beautifully with all hardware keyboards and trackpads.
• Connect to your server easily and securely with SSH tunnel using local port forwarding.
• Launch Juno Connect in Split-screen mode alongside other apps on iPad. Run notebooks with documentation, terminal, or other code editor in front of you.

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.6.6

– Fixes hardware keyboard shortcuts and a couple of minor glitches with the on-screen keyboard.
– Fixes a couple of less serious UI and compatibility issues with the new version of OS.



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Fun to use Juno Connect instead of connecting via the browser

Awesome Data Science on the iPad

Version 1.4.1
Hi fellows,
to be honest, this is the first time that it took me only about 10 seconds of thought to buy the pro version of an app.
For any serious data scientist or analyst who want’s to work mobile, this is the only way to go for exploratory data analysis.
Thanks for developing this app. I’m in love.

Good for working with notebooks, terminal support needs improvement

Version 1.1.1
I find the app very helpful to work with notebooks, definitely better than running in the browser. Things like restarting the kernel and re-running all cells even feels a bit quicker than in the browser, and the app manages resizing in split-screen quite well. Interactive plots with callbacks also work, which is cool. Parallel notebooks tabs are not available so far, but I don’t really miss them.
A problem for me is the weak support for working with the terminal. I did not find a way to switch between the notebook and the terminal, which means I have to open a new terminal every time I have to use git or want to edit a source file in vim (the latter does not work, see below). I can see running terminals in the “running” tab but I cannot open these running sessions, so they are just lost. My main problem is that the remapped Esc key (Control) does not work in the terminal, so editing a file in vim is not possible, I could not figure out how to switch between input and control mode. Also, the terminal is quite small, it would be nice to have the option to show it in fullscreen.
Overall I am quite happy with how the app handles notebooks, but since the terminal is equally important to me, I give only an average rating. With the terminal problems fixed in future updates, I would give it a higher rating.

Sketch ideas on the go

Jjghjh h
Version 1.4.0
Have an idea while away from your computer? No problem with this app just access your cloud notebook and try it out directly on your iOS device.
It does need some work on the UX but it appears to be a brand new app. One thing I don’t like is how damn long the privacy policy is for an app that should not process any personal data on servers other as those I connect to.

Not all works...

Alete rSchwede
Version 1.2.3
When I press up or down to switch the cells, the field of view doesn‘t catch up quickly enough with the marked cell... So working without touching the screen every2 seconds becomes impossible.
Older comment, still valid:
for example doesn‘t work.
But nice job, keep it up!“

Allows completely new development habits

Version 1.3.0
I've now used jupyter for roughly half a year.
It has integrated itself deeply into my development habits.
Previously, the iPad was a device for taking notes and organizing ideas.
With juno, I have the ability to quickly follow up and mock up algorithms on Jupyter.
This has brought me a huge increase in productivity.

Great app

This awesome app finally allows me to work seamlessly with my remote Jupyter notebook server. I found it very stable and easy to use, really well made, hence 5 stars, but still some improvement requests: Please make the terminal window larger and please add an "Esc" touch button on the screen (or use the language button on the apple iPad keyboard) so that I can use my "CTRL" key for navigating text again.

Basic version didn’t worked

Transparent Customer
Basic version didn’t worked

Almost there, but some essentials are missing

Several months ago I started working a lot with jupyter notebooks. They run on a remote server and basically allow you to do anything on that server for developing python projects plus these very nice notebooks.
Juno allows you to edit jupyter notebooks from the iPad in a very awesome way and here they outperform the iPad web experience. But Juno is lacking some important features that you get on the Web:
- Terminal connection to the server, very useful e.g. for executing python files or using git
- Editing text files with syntax highlighting and a choice of Keymaps (Sublime)
- Tabbed view of multiple running Notebooks and open files
- Kernels for other Languages (e.g. R, nodeJS)
All of them somehow work in the Safari Jupyter experience but not in Juno. And they would make this app a beast for remote python development. I am looking forward to see these features coming, but for now you can only use a portion of jupyters capabilities.

Support Google Colab

Dmitrii Petukhov
Please, add support to Google Colab :(

Works for me

Nice tool with some great details to get usable access to notebooks from smartphone. But I would prefer „.“ and „,“ on the keyboard extension instead of „tab“ and „+“ or make it configurable at least.

Solid App

Only working App in store

Nice jupyter notebook client

This client functions very good with my Raspberry Pi, which I use as a server. It would be nice to have following features in the following versions: possibility to change font size and background color (different themes).