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play.js from CodeSandbox brings the power of modern JavaScript development to your iOS device.
Use your iPhone or iPad to develop and run locally your Node.js and React Native applications or collaborate in real-time with others to sandboxes on CodeSandbox.
play.js is a full-fledged development environment with the following features:
- A Node.js runtime environment.
- Sign in with your CodeSandbox account to easily edit live or import your sandboxes and continue working on the go.
- In-app web browser with various developer tools (console, node browser, source code viewer and layers inspector).
- Project templates: React.js, Vue.js, Next.js and many other frameworks.
- Git client with support for the following operations: clone, fetch, pull, push and commit.
- Dependencies resolution for Node.js projects.
- Real code autocompletion that reacts to your code and modules.
- Syntax highlighting for JavaScript, JSX, HTML, CSS, Sass, SCSS, TypeScript, TSX, Flow, Vue, Svelte, CoffeeScript, Nunjucks and Markdown files.
- Open in-place support.
- In-app documentation.
All these features flavoured with a great user experience: a delightful UI, custom fonts, light and dark modes, trackpad support and much more!
Get the app and start coding straight away.

Neue Funktionen von Version 2.15.1

Fixed various issues, like a crash while participating in a live collaboration session and a bug that would show the "Find and replace" option enabled when no files were open.



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iOS 13.0 oder neuer


iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2. Generation), iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPad (5. Generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (5. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (6. Generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (6. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro, iPad Pro (Cellular), iPad Pro (9,7 Zoll), iPad Pro (9,7 Zoll) (Cellular), iPad Pro (12,9", 2. Generation), iPad Pro (12,9", 2. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (10,5"), iPad Pro (10,5") Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (11"), iPad Pro (11") Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro (12,9", 3. Generation), iPad Pro (12,9", 3. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air, iPad Air (Cellular), iPad Air 2, iPad Air 2 (Cellular), iPad Air (3. Generation), iPad Air (3. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini Retina, iPad mini Retina (Cellular), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 3 (Cellular), iPad mini 4, iPad mini 4 (Cellular), iPad mini (5. Generation), iPad mini (5. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (7. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11" (2. Generation), iPad Pro 11" (2. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12,9" (4. Generation), iPad Pro 12,9" (4. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air (4. Generation) (Wi-Fi), iPad Air (4. Generation) (Wi-Fi + Cellular), iPad (8. Generation) Wi-Fi, iPad (8. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 11" (3. Generation), iPad Pro 11" (3. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Pro 12,9" (5. Generation), iPad Pro 12,9" (5. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad (9. Generation), iPad (9. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini (6. Generation), iPad mini (6. Generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPod touch (6. Generation), iPod touch (7. Generation)




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The best option on coding an iPad Pro

Thanks to creators for publishing this app free. The best feature i use is, working with my git projects.
As a developer i like to see also eslint and prettier plugins, or plugin system in this app. They can make money with this way and i would like to pay for plugins.
Kind Regards

Very frustrating

Version 2.7.1
First I thought “that’s it”… but than I started my project coming from the git repo and it all ends up with “webassembly not defined”. I am very disappointed because it seems there is no way to get it running.

Landscape mode?!

Marlon Erler
Version 2.4.1
First of all, I really like this app. Just the idea of being able to build a full electron-app on my phone is insane, but I think that the developers didn‘t really concept or optimize this app for a phone that well (which is understandable).
My current setup is an 16/9 AirPlay screen and my iPhone and i can perfectly use apps like GoCoEdit to program websites in landscape mode without black bars or anything on a big screen and I would really like to be able to do that with this app, but landscape mode is not supported.
So for now, I will stick with GoCoEdit but with landscape support I will probably switch..

Old node.js makes it useless

Version 2.9.0
Even the linked example do not work because the node.js version is so old.

Fake App oder was?

Version 2.5.0
Zum Test habe ich ein Vanilla Projekt erstellt und wollte damit etwas rumspielen. Zu meinem Erstaunen lassen sich die Dokumente aber gar nicht bearbeiten. Egal ob die index.html oder index.js, alles nur read-only. Will man die App starten, werden minutenlang irgendwelche Module geladen – bei Vanilla.js!!!
Vorsicht vor der App! Sieht sehr nach Betrug aus.

Great App

Version 2.0.1
Some Features might still be not perfect - but it’s a great App. I just cloned a Project from GitHub and ran my Fullstack JS app including a express Backend and tons of npm dependencies on my iPhone and everything works. I am impressed.

So great

Version 1.12.0
Gorgeous app

Buyed the App 15 Days ago for full price...

Version 1.13.0
Normally 5 Stars because I really liked the app. But today they announced it is free and I buyed it 15 days ago for the full price..

Not there yet...

Spitzname x123
Version 2.15.1
This app has potential to become really useful. But it‘s not there yet...
I was mostly missing a way to change the package directory of my project, if it‘s not located in the git root directory. Also this app was not able to build or run my React.js project. Hopefully I can come back in the future but at the moment I can‘t use this app.
One really positive feature is the web browser inspection. You could also use it for other projects. This alone might be worth buying the app.


Version 2.9.0
I love the app, I'd definitely recommend it for everyone who wants to develop while they're on the go!


Version 1.14.1
Seems to be one of the best apps for my needs out there...
Unfortunately it’s using Node version 12.x.x and my project needs at least node version 14.x.x.... Pls update it 😔

A great app, but

Version 2.12.0
To be honest, this app allowes me to write apps while lying in my bed or sitting under a tree. So, I really really shoud give it 5 points. And I swear, i‘ll change that to 5 the day you enabled „undo“. 😎

Nur Basic ReactNative Support

Version 1.17.1
Gute Idee aber leider kein Dependencies Support für ReactNative


Neo Ighodaro
Shows some potential. However, there are some basic features I would focus on before trying to support the multitudes of node versions out there. The basic usability of the IDE.
First it is almost impossible to rename files. The file management is just bad. I have to switch between the iPad Files app and the Play.js app to rename files or move stuff around. I would focus on having a decent file management interface tbh.
Second, some of the shortcuts we are used to on VSCode do not work, maybe bringing some of them might make it more pleasurable to work with the IDE, in the least, autocomplete.
Finally, I think it would be nice if we could npm update. Could not find a way to do this and it was a little frustrating. I could think of more but these stand out the most.
All in all, it was worth every penny.


This App rethinks how development on tablets should look and feel like and they nailed it!
Support is super helpful and fast, thanks!

Unusable for me

Sadly, I can neither resolve my react dependencies since play.js crashes if I try nor can I Start my react Typescript Projekt.


I tested React.js so far and it’s very disappointing.
1) No documentation how to use and setup this app.
2) No auto updating preview when you changed code. You have to stop and re-start + compile the react app. Even if you just changed one character.
3) With every second re-start of the react app Play.js is crashing. I am using an iPad Pro 12”. This device should be powerful enough.
4) I did not find any support email only a small forum where you have to create an account. Account creating? 2010 is calling.
Positive site. I was able to import faker and semantic ui. But it took ages to figure this out.

How i can update Nodejs?

The Design is nice but scroll in large Filmes is buggy and with nodejs it make Not the Same in Compare to pc. In this App my Projekt gets errors. On pc the projekt runns perfektly.

Shows potential

Jjghjh h
While still in its early stages it shows potential. I was not able to run existing React apps on it because the import statement is not supported instead all imports would have to be changed to use require. Also I am missing a simple move file feature. Response by the developer has been quick.


Ata S.Mohammadi
Great app with absolutely unique features, with incredibly fast and kind support ;) keep up the good job!