Ron Allison travels back to Caron to try and forget about everything he's been through for a while. He makes plans and dreams of a normal life...the one he's always wanted. That of course is a precarious balancing act, considering his commitments to Cache and Rauld. Once he is finally briefed about the diabolical plan of his one-time ally; the Ordiceans, his focus shifts back to the fight against the Kreete, and to protecting his former teammates' homeworlds...and to a bit of justice for those fallen men. Destined for War drives Ron and Cache deeper into their clash with the Triad, as well as uncovering even more subterfuge and deceit concerning their newest enemy, the vile Theranians. After risking their lives as undercover operatives on multiple missions, they finally encounter a friendly species, and the outlook of their struggles appear brighter. However, when the ultimate traitorous act gets Cache and her daughter captured, things turn dire for the entire galaxy. Ron is then forced to return to his old Shartae the wreak havoc and unleash his own personal style of retribution on those villainous aliens. Love and commitment, destruction and betrayal, torture and vengeance are the key components in this episode, and each is delivered with heart-pounding and graphic description. And once again, the ending will blow you away.



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