We all tell stories - but the most powerful ones we will ever tell are the ones we tell ourselves about who we are and what we are capable of creating in our world. 
What stories are you telling yourself? 
Christal's authenticity, humour and life changing insights have captivated audiences around the world, helping them understand how they can change the stories they are telling themselves that aren't serving them. Resonate is full of her characteristic humour, wit and hard hitting emotional insights that will challenge your beliefs about yourself and your future.
Through her insightful and gentle voice, Christal will help you learn how to change your stories around fear, pain, loss, shame, confusion and more.
"We are ultimately the ones that decide the stories we are to going to tell ourselves. My story has grown to be about what I have chosen to tell myself and this is now my invitation to you to begin to do the same. This is me, sharing with you, how there is a path out of the confusion, the hurt, the colossal disappointment and the discombobulated mess your life can sometimes become without your permission - and it starts with deciding what stories you are going tell yourself." ~ Christal Earle



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