The modern Pentecostal movement began with a new understanding concerning the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The distinction in the doctrine is both the matter of tongues as evidence and the issue of subsequence. Pentecostals state the doctrine in slightly different terms, but the basic conclusion is that subsequent to conversion, a person can and should be baptized in the Holy Spirit and tongues are given as evidence of such. As a result of this distinctive doctrine, Pentecostals have placed a high emphasis on not only tongues, but also on the work, ministry, and person of the Holy Spirit as a whole. Beginning with the prophecies of the Old Testament and the promise of the Father, Pentecostals can progressively trace their doctrine of the baptism with the Holy Spirit subsequent to salvation with the evidence of speaking in other tongues through the dispensations to the present day. This experience is valid and should be sought by every believer for empowerment, edification and entrance into the realm of Spirit-giftedness.



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