Tahr, the last remaining unmated dragon, descends from the mighty line of royal silver dragons. His uncle Drakon’s actions caused the curse that has been the center of pain and suffering for the remaining dragons for thousands of years.
Pepper, is a mute human brought to the dragon realm as a child. Tahr’s previous bride befriended Pepper and taught her many things that most human servants in the dragon realm never experience.
Pepper has a dream. She wants nothing more than to be a dragon—craves it desperately. When she’s caught sneaking into Tahr’s bed chamber and placing her hand on his chest, the consequences are deadly.
How does one small human tame a dragon when he sees her only as a possession? She lives only an average span of human years. Dragons are set in their ways and totally unchanging in their superior beliefs. Will Pepper overcome the curse and change destiny or will Tahr suffer always because dragons live forever?
The conclusion to the dragon series and should be read in order.
This book is suited for mature readers 18+
Dragons Don't Cry - Book I
Dragons Don't Love - Book II
Dragons Don't Forgive - Book III



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