Science has such an impact on our society to the point that many people believe that all that exists comes from science. The reality of the matter is ‘everything that exists was created by God. God is the one who determined how the universe and all that is in it operates. Movement of the planets, the number and brightness of the stars, the rotation of the earth and how living organisms develop; everything that exist and how it behaves was determined by God and is under His complete control. This book shows God’s handy work and it reveals His awesome power.
In this book, a description is given of what science is and how science has been beneficial to mankind. This book also uses science to help explain some aspects of God’s creation. For instance, when God said’ let there be light’, this light illuminated the whole earth at the same time. The purpose was to start the photosynthesis process throughout the whole world at the same time. Through science, it was discovered that living organism’s need the process of photosynthesis to grow. God created the photosynthesis process; He also created the organisms to respond to this process. The only thing that science did was figure out how this process works.
After God’s creative work was completed, sin entered into the world. This book talks about those changes that God bought about because of sin. Those changes include spiritual death, physical death, suffering during child birth, working in the fields to grow vegetation, and the changed relationship between mankind and the animals.
Finally, the sin nature that was passed onto all mankind, made us all doomed to eternal damnation. But, because of Jesus Christ, salvation from eternal death is offered to all of us.
About the Author
I have read Genesis chapters 1, 2, and 3 many times through the years. But I think the first chapter was read more than the other two. I don’t want you to get the impression that these are the only chapters of the Bible that I read; I start each day with prayer and studying God’s word which includes the Old and the New Testaments.
Through the years, I would go back to Genesis to find answers to why God did things. I could see the power of God demonstrated in Genesis. I could also see His order in doing things and this fascinated me. But then I started asking myself questions like: What did God create in Genesis 1:1? What is heaven? Where is heaven? What is the firmament? Why did God create that light in Genesis 1:3 when He was going to create the sun and stars? These questions, along with others, would continue to pop up in my mind.
I would start out on a quest to write about God’s creation. I would study the Bible and read biblical reference books about God’s creation. When the internet was developed, I would spend a lot of time on the computer trying to find information concerning God’s creation.
Every time that I would get stuck and become bewildered, I would lay my notes aside with the intent of giving myself a break from that study, just for a few days or maybe a week. But a few years would go by. Later, as I would be going through my notes on other studies that I’ve done, I would run across my notes on Genesis and the Genesis quest would start all over again.
This cycle went on until about a year ago when I came across my notes on Genesis. I looked at the date on the notes that I found and after searching a little more, I found other sets of notes on Genesis. I decided to finish my quest. With a lot (and I mean a lot) of prayer, I finally completed my quest. My hope is that this paper will answer at least some of the questions that you may have as you read it and it will help you to see God’s awesome power.



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