This book is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the Merchant Navy, Sailors with no military training, also Corp Stuart McLaughlin 3 Para.
Alan Johansen a Night Steward on board SS CANBERRA during The Falklands War, Spring 1982.
Canberra, after surviving Air attacks, wave after wave in San Carlos waters, 21st May 1982, affectionately became known as THE GREAT WHITE WHALE. The Canberra was pivotal to the Success of operations. She safely disembarked 5,000 troops amongst The Falkland Islands and returned over 4,000 POW’s to Argentina.
The human element is portrayed in the book, the reality of war and its effects on the mind and body. The emotions over a prolonged period in the confines of a ship, under constant threat.
A true portrayal of life on board ship as crew, at a difficult time. SS CANBERRA requisitioned, embarked upon Auxiliary tasks, both alien to ship and crew, with an avid sense of duty, awe and resolve.



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