A woman who made a promise and has no intention of breaking it…
Darcy was trained to be a cat burglar and con artist from a young age. On his deathbed, her father elicited a promise from her that she’s always kept, despite the danger it’s exposed her to. As a current member of the Society, she’s assigned to a mission that brings her face to face with the one man who tests her will…and her honor.
A prince who will stop at nothing to fulfill a promise he made...
Brayden is set to ascend the throne of his small country, but he can’t do that without the jewels Darcy stole from his family ten years ago. He sets out to break her, but the best laid plans are sometimes destined to fail. Can he put aside his promise to his father and his country in order to follow his heart, or will duty come before love?
Honor will be tested, and inherited duty may have to be challenged if they have any hope of overcoming the SECRET that could change everything.



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