This classic includes 473 diagrams and illustrations, and is organized as follows: 
I. Introductory 
II. Hand Tools 
III. Workshop Appliances, &c 
IV. Workshop Practice 
V. The Steel Square in Joinery 
VI. Joinery Machines 
VII. Machine Shop Practice and Methods of Using Machines 
VIII. Preparation of Work for Machining 
IX. Joints 
X. Doors and Panelling 
XI. Door Frames, Linings, and Finishings 
XII. Windows, Fittings and Finishings 
XIII. Shutters, Blinds, and Finishings 
XIV. Shop Fronts and Shop Fittings 
XV. Air-Tight Case Work 
XVI. Fittings for Banks, Museums, Libraries, and Churches 
XVII. Shaped, Curved, and Bevelled Work 
XVIII. Miscellaneous Fittings and Fitments 
XIX. Stairbuilding 
XX. Theory of Handrailing 
XXI. Handrailing—Practical Work 
XXII. Mouldings 
XXIII. Foreman’s Work 
XXIV. Fixing Joiners’ Work 
XXV. Notes on Timber 
XXVI. Description of Woods Used in Joinery



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