After a Great Hunt, the Space Wolves return to the Fang to regale each other with tales of their glory. Only Logan Grimnar is absent. When a native tribesman speaks up in his stead and tells of how the Great Wolf has discovered the dead body of Leman Russ, there is uproar. Do they dare believe this vile rumour, what is the fate of Logan Grimnar and why has he not returned? As a quest is begun to find their missing lord, it falls to Ulrik the Slayer and Krom Dragonsgaze to discern the truth amidst the feast of lies.
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Ever wanted to see what a Space Wolves feast is like? This is your chance. Platters of food, barrels of mjod, and a host of tall tales from the Space Wolves who’ve returned from the Great Hunt, plus a special guest star who sets the Chapter off on a whole new adventure.



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