'The Artist's Way' meets 'The War of Art' for a new generation!
ATTN: Musicians, Writers, Visual Artists, and Anyone Who Wants to Make a Difference or Build a Career in the Arts ...
Could you use a kick in the pants to jump-start your creative calling? Or do you know someone who is gifted at their craft but too fearful or hesitant to pursue it?
"The Empowered Artist" is a call to action and a rallying cry for you to step into your greatness.
What you'll get in this book is a big dose of reality checks, empowering attitudes, shifting perspectives, powerful mindsets, and nitty-gritty details on the real work you need to do to make a difference (and make a living) with your talents and know-how.
The reason so many struggle with creative ambitions is because they lack these rock-bottom principles. To truly thrive in the arts you must install these big picture ideals into your creative DNA.
That's what this book is: a transfusion of success principles for modern day artists.
"Many people die with their music still in them. Don't let that be said of you. In this delightful book, Bob shows you how to tap into the 'music' that only you are prepared to share with the world."
-Dan Miller, New York Times best-selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love
"Every creative person needs this book. If you want to live a rich, creative life, The Empowered Artist is a must-read. Bob can show you the way. Learn how to pursue the work you were born to do."
-Jeff Goins, best-selling author of The Art of Work
Every section ends with a Call to Action - an affirmative step you can take to tell yourself (and the world) that you mean business, that you are here to make your creative mark.
The world needs you and the gifts that only you are uniquely qualified to deliver. We need you to live up to your potential, to shine your light, to step into your greatness.
That's why I wrote this book.
I'm tired of creative people being treated like second-class citizens (by themselves and others), when the truth is ... We are the ones who create the culture, innovation, and new ideas that humanity needs now more than ever.
Here's a list of the topics you'll find in "The Empowered Artist":
- The Foundation: Ten Guiding Principles You Should Internalize to Become an Empowered Artist
- The Launching Pad: Essential Elements for Kicking Your Art Activities Into Overdrive
- Creativity Career Killers: The Top Ten Misguided Notions That May Be Holding You Back
- Supercharged Empowerment: Seven Secrets to Living a Fulfilling Life in the Arts
- Turning Pro: The Essential Skills You Must Develop to a Become Self-Actualized Creative Entrepreneur
To clarify, my motivation in writing this book isn't just to make a few musicians, writers, and painters feel good about themselves. That's thinking too small. My vision is to change the world!
Are you with me? Order this inspiring book now!



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