After enduring so much tragedy, Meredith Malone celebrated her latest triumph–delivery of a healthy baby girl! Meredith's dreams of motherhood had finally come true despite the fact that little Anna happened to be a different race than her mommy.
To escape the media barrage due to the clinic's obvious mix-up of donor sperm, Meredith headed to the shore…and into the arms of Justin Weber. This sexy attorney made the quiet nights and peaceful days away from the city ripe with a passion she'd never experienced. But was his mysterious, secretive nature hiding something? Or had past experience taught her to find something wrong with this man who was oh-so-right–as a husband and as a daddy?
About the author
Cheryl's first book, RAIN SHADOW was nominated for RWA’s RITA for Best First Book, by Romantic Times for Best Western Historical, and by Affaire de Coeur readers as Best American Historical Romance. Since then her stories have continued to receive awards and high acclaim. In describing her stories of second chances and redemption, readers and reviewers use words like, “emotional punch, hometown feel, core values, believable characters and real life situations.



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