She'll do anything for her baby
Alone, pregnant and broke, Jennifer Burns doesn't have a lot of options. Whatever it takes, though, she's determined that her child will grow up safe, secure–and with a father. So she goes back to her hometown of Portland to persuade her baby's father to help her out. But first she has to find him.
He'll do anything for her
Emergency-room doctor Ross Griffin is used to caring for and protecting others. So when Jennifer shows up on his doorstep–pregnant by his married brother–there's no way he won't help her out. Especially since nine years ago he and Jennifer shared a secret attraction and a single, forbidden kiss–and, as he gets to know Jennifer again, he begins to care deeply for her…and for his brother's baby!
About the author
Anne Haven decided to be a writer when she was ten. She began with short stories and attempted her first novel a couple of years later. Although that manuscript remains unpublished, she did keep at it and sold her first book in her midtwenties. Before her daughter's birth, Anne's hobbies were gardening, yoga, watching X-Files and eating ice cream. Now she only has time for ice cream.



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