BREAKING: Andrew is working on the app for the iPhone/iPad. So soon you will be able to create, organize and share your custom flashcards with pictures and sounds. And they will be beautiful!
Coming January 2019, stay tuned.
To fuel your child’s love of animals and expand their vocabulary, without overloading the memory of your Apple device, there are two separate sets of animal flashcards.
The two complimentary sets are designed to offer maximum visual stimulation for young children and to develop the knowledge of budding readers.
• Animals 1 features 79 types of mammals, divided into domestic, farm, wild and sea categories then listed in alphabetical order.
• Animals 2 includes 83 different farm and wild birds, with several exotics like hummingbird, peacock and kiwi in the mix, as well as sea creatures, insects, reptiles and amphibians.
• The cards are illustrated with bright, attractive and easily recognisable photographs of the relevant animals, all of which look especially gorgeous on high resolution screens.
• All the cards come to life with authentic sound effects, to delight all ages.
This set is a must for little ones who are beginning to get curious about the world around them and young animal-lovers alike.



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