BREAKING: Andrew is working on the app for the iPhone/iPad. So soon you will be able to create, organize and share your custom flashcards with pictures and sounds. And they will be beautiful!
Coming January 2019, stay tuned.
This set of Alex’s Cards brings together classic pairs of opposites, including 72 pairs of opposite nouns, adjectives, verbs and prepositions, all of which children will come across in daily life.
It’s ideal for children who have started to get interested in the concept of difference and begun to develop their reading and logical reasoning skills.
• The contrasting words will help to develop your child’s powers of speech, thinking and reasoning.
• For ease of navigation and to enhance your child’s understanding, the pairs are grouped into several categories, from shape to texture and physics to philosophy.
• Big/small, high/low, top/bottom, together/apart, order/disorder, happy/sad, quiet/loud, safe/dangerous – each concept is illustrated with a bright photographic image, some of which will inspire giggles.
This set of flashcards is a valuable resource for young minds with a thirst for knowledge and understanding.



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