Terry Turbo gave ten million clubbers a good time, every time. From humble beginnings working in a McDonalds fast food restaurant to handing out flyers and selling rave tickets within the UK rave scene, he built up the country's biggest dance music empire, starting and running One Nation, Dreamscape, Rave Nation and Garage Nation - for a decade, he played host to more than 25,000 clubbers every week, all over the World. 'King of Clubs...Sex, Drugs and Thugs' is Terry's no-holds barred tale of the sex, drugs and violence that became part of his everyday life. He has mixed with dozens of celebrities and gangsters - the book is littered with names as diverse as Tom Jones, Alesha Dixon, Kano, Robert Lindsay, Howard Marks, Julian Clary, Tamara Beckwith, Puff Daddy, The So Solid Crew, Dizzy Rascal, Shane Ritchie, Estelle, Miss Dynamite and various legendary faces from the Underworld and the Italian Mafia - he has been involved in life threatening situations fought off gunmen and lived a life of champagne hedonism that few can dream of. After selling his club interests in 2003 he is now concentrating on a new career in Hollywood under his real name Terry Stone as an Actor and Producer. Terry's inside story will be a must-read for millions clubbers who he so royally entertained and for anyone who is still clubbing today and wants to know how the club scene started and what really goes on behind the dancing, flashing lights and loud music.



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