The Boss’s Double Trouble Twins
The last person Mitch Carver expects to walk into his office is Darcy – she haunted his sleep for months. Darcy Connors can’t believe it either; now she must tell her new boss that their weekend in Paris has turned into a lifetime commitment…and it’s twins!
Twins for a Christmas Bride
Dr Sara Walker would do anything for her twin sister, including carrying a baby for her, even though the father-to-be, Dr Daniel Lomax, is the only man Sara has ever loved. . . But tragedy changes everything. Can Christmas and the birth of the twins pull Dan and Sara together…?
Baby Twins: Parents Needed
Rachel Adams’s independent life is turned upside down when she’s named guardian to two orphaned twins! It’s hard to suddenly be a mum to two demanding babies, but in no time they steal her heart! Then gorgeous co-guardian Ford Sullivan turns up, and tries to take charge…



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