The kayak trip was supposed to be a honeymoon.
But when Nell and Joe Stevens are caught in a flash flood, Nell is swept under, trapped and loses consciousness. When she awakes, safe on shore, she finds a note from Joe, explaining that he has gone for help. He never returns. The search that follows raises more questions than it answers. About the family he never mentioned, who arrive in Nell's sleepy hometown. The enormous inheritance. And worse, the question whispered by the locals: is Nell responsible?
Always hoping for Joe's return, Nell tries to put the rumors behind her. But as years slip past, Nell craves answers. She takes to the river again in search of the truth and finds that jealousy, desperation and deception can pull you under faster than churning water–and you may never resurface.
About the author
Gwen Hunter is the author of five critically-acclaimed, original suspense novels. Prescribed Danger is the second of a series of novels featuring Dr. Rhea Lynch published by MIRA Books. Gwen lives in Rock Hill, South Carolina, with her husband and their two dogs.



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