She’ll take a crack at any case, and any bad guy. But what happens when they make her the target?
Get the first three Sydney Brennan Mysteries and join the tenacious PI in her determined quests to find answers.
North Florida, 2004. Private investigator Sydney Brennan refuses to back down from the truth. But when a suspicious prison suicide demands tough questions, someone decides to put a stop to her investigation. Permanently. Has the gutsy detective met her match?
Running from case to case dodging death and dismemberment becomes this headstrong woman’s modus operandi as she exposes unscrupulous actors. A simple background check for an ex-boyfriend sparks a homicide, and a search for a missing man triggers a run-in with professional killers. Will Sydney’s life be next?
The Sydney Brennan Mystery Series: Books 1-3 contains the first three books in this gripping series. If you like hard-nosed but undeniably human detectives and jaw-clenching tension, with a dose of dark humor stirred in, then you’ll love Judy K. Walker’s action-packed box set.
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