Discover The Natural Cures, Beauty Miracles, Health Benefits And Other Amazing Recipes And Secrets Of Hydrogen Peroxide
Turn to Hydrogen Peroxide if you are tired of using toxic skin care, cosmetic and cleaning products. This freely available and inexpensive substance provides a safer and more effective alternative for boosting your health, treating common ailments and eliminating germs and bacteria from your home.
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) has been used by many of us at one point or the other. This may be for cleaning wounds, teeth whitening or as a natural bleach. However, what most people do not know is that this same naturally occurring substance has a greater number of uses for our health and environment. It can be used effectively in so many areas of life for an extensive variety of health, cleaning and personal care purposes.
This book provides a comprehensive collection of the many uses and benefits of hydrogen peroxide. In it, you will learn:
-Healing With Hydrogen Peroxide
-Hydrogen Peroxide Usage Tips And Precautions
-Beauty And Personal Care Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-Health And Common Ailments Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-General Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide Around The House
-Kitchen Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-Bathroom Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-Laundry Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-Garden And House Plants Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-Pet Care Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide
-Hydrogen Peroxide Uses Outside The House For Auto Cleaning, Pools/Hot Tubs And Other External Structures
BUY THIS BOOK TODAY to learn how to make your home and body germ-free, boost your hygiene level, win the battle against common ailments and never have to worry about toxic chemicals again!



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