"It is possible for people to see what has been obscured from their awareness. It is possible to step from the invisible to the visible. We are so afraid that we cannot be what we dream ourselves to be, that we stay hidden inside of a persona that we ourselves created for our survival. Bring the invisible to light so that you can begin to see your own beauty and claim your wholeness and your true voice. When what has been obscured is illuminated, you remember who you truly are. The result is an inherently synchronized person inspired to learn and grow, who is infused with the vitality of self-actualization. Such self-perception cannot be overestimated in terms of its capacity to produce extraordinary positive results."
Laura Basha, PhD
"The Inward Outlook gently reawakened me to several simple and accessible actions to take to have more joy, happiness, and peace in life. Dr.Basha's book has given me the opportunity to slow down my thinking and practice being aware of the reality created by such thinking. With her masterful guidance, one is able to free one's self up from even long-held disempowering beliefs. This written teaching is clearly demonstrative of her deep engagement in the practice of the Art of Transformation, as well as fresh and engaging, leaving one with the recognition that even in the rough spots, life experience can be joyful and so much easier. This work is phenomenally empowering."
Xavier Dubois, CEO, EVOX Omnimedia
"Laura Basha is a true teacher. She has deep knowledge based on years of study, life experience, and personal introspective work."
Lewis Fulwiler, Senior Consultant, Senn Delaney Leadership Consulting Group, LLC
"I am a successful businessman who has built a successful business on a global scale ... I can confidently say that I would not be as successful as I am today in my personal life and my business without the work of Dr. Basha."
Stuart Adam, Chairman, Adam and Partners Group Holdings, NY, NY



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