Have you ever wondered why there are so many different kinds of religions, false gods, and idols throughout the world 
- over 4,000 of them?  
Is there a conspiracy going on right now behind the scenes to establish a global government?  
What are the similarities between modern religious philosophy and the ancient mystery religions? 
Discover the forces of darkness and its influence on religion, and what most religions and faiths have in common.
Is the new age movement - really new? And how will this and many other religions have in common with the coming global religion.
Learn some of the secret plans of the global elite and Illuminati.
Join me as your personal guide as we embark into one of the most important journeys to unravel the truth, which is hidden inside of a myriad of religions, faiths, cults and belief systems that have infiltrated the mind and soul of humanity since the very dawn of this age.
The truth is out there - and we will unlock it! 



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