"At last someone has got the whole fascinating story together. The story of a man dedicated to music. A man like Nat 'King' Cole who was, first and foremost, a jazz musician and then, because of his unique vocal sound, became a singer. We are so lucky that he made more than a thousand recordings most of which have been remastered and brought to glowing life on CD. He is more popular today than he was when he was alive. Young people are entranced by his brilliant phrasing and understanding of some of the most famous standards ever written and his great jazz feel. "The young man who, through years of painstaking research, has dispelled unhelpful rumours and filled in so much information on Al Bowlly and that hugely musical fertile period - the era of the dance bands - is Ray Pallett. Ray is the person everyone turns to who wants to know anything about our hero. He has made it his mission to put Al's roller coaster, jigsaw of a life, together. The result of years of research is here. They Called Him Al is the ultimate encyclopaedia of Al. "Ray's regular magazine Memory Lane (see details under Acknowledgements) is the must-have publication for all fans of Al and the legendary bands and bandsmen. A forum for all those who love this sweet and lovely period of show business it constantly comes up with new lists of recorded re-issues, interviews, photographs, anecdotes and get-togethers of enthusiasts. "If They Called Him Al has turned you on then Ray's magazine will complete the job. With every issue I thank him for his ear to the ground, his nose for knowing just what us musical nostalgia buffs want to read about and, most especially, for helping us to know more about the enigmatic vocal magician, "Britain's greatest crooner" Albert Alick Bowlly." - Roy Hudd, from his Foreword



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