It may be one of the most complex questions ever asked:What really happens to the soul after death?Some discarnate souls may cross over; others may stay in the earthy realm to help or protect family members; and other earthbound souls may need to work through psychospiritual dilemmas before being escorted to the Other Sidewith help from a shaman psychopomp.
Dr. David Kowalewski relies on personal experiences and his studies with shamans of many continents to illuminate the mysterious worlds of life, death, and afterlife and share an inside look at the ancient craft of psychopomping. While presenting over ninety cases of psychopomp work, Dr. Kowalewski offers statistics that explain why souls become earthbound; relay how often unfamiliar spirits show up during journeys; and provide reasons why shamanic protocols, practices, and adventures with the dead in daily life can help the task along. Included are other fascinating examples of psychopomp practices of indigenous peoples from around the world.
Death Walkersshares compelling stories and evidence for why there are ghosts around us and the important role shamans play in guiding these earthbound souls to their final resting places.
Drawing on first-hand accounts and cross-cultural research, David Kowalewski offers us an engaging Western perspective on the art and methods of the psychopomp
Bill Plotkin, PhD, author ofSoulcraft
This is an important book for the times we live in, for as people die more consciously, the more conscious the earth becomes.
Sandra Ingerman, MA, author ofSoul Retrieval



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