Father of the Universe: Creation Theory and End-Time Vision grounds its explorations of God, of his act to create the whole world, and of the shape that the end of all things will take on the foundations of the scriptural witness and the dreams that Philip Reynolds, the author, had in 1954. From these two sources he fashions a portrait of God the Father as he has experienced him and envisions him. In addition, he refines a theology of creation and humanitys beginnings. Finally, he shows how the Father has sent his Son to bring people, through the work of the Spirit, into his presence.
In the course of this journey, Father of the Universe looks at the Father before time, his holiness, how he is Father of time and angels, his nation, and the church. The journey ends with a vision of the future humanity can hope to share with the Father.
You might be someone who, at some point, has asked the hard questions: Is there more to life than this? What is the point of it all? What does God the Father intend for me, my family, my community, and this world? If you are one who asks those questions, then Father of the Universe: Creation Theory and End-time Vision will serve as your guide for glimpsing the outlines of some answers about the Father and his designs for creation.



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