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If you are even remotely interested in learning how to physically attract beautiful women (without lifting a finger) with complete confidence, become successful (do less while achieving more), then this will be the most important book you ever read. 
Here's Just Some of What You'll Learn: 
• You'll learn the 16 values that will change the way you think, forever. (The one huge mistake all inexperienced guys make in their head that guarantees they will look like wimps... and how to "parlay" it into an advantage that will give YOU an instant 200% increase in your chances of winning-with-women!) 
• You'll learn the truth about "trying hard"... and why "cute", "macho" and even "innocent" behavior lose consistently (by a mile) to this ONE super-simple style of approaching women for the first time! 
• You'll learn the twelve most effective ways to seduce the woman of your dream! (PLUS -- the SINGLE most important thing you can do to win their love forever... and the worst "sin" you could ever commit -- an unforgivable act that will turn all women off!) 
• You'll learn how to immediately increase the frequency and pleasure of your sex life with the ingenious "Real-Word Action Steps" used by the most successful men! (Especially critical for guys that haven't been on a date in a while.) 
• You'll learn what women really want from men (but never come out and tell you)! More specifically, this explains what she wants from you (and what most women desperately crave from men) 
And there's much more. Much more. But I'm running out of room. 
PLUS -- and this is my favorite part of the book -- you'll learn the one exercise that completely removes all neediness towards women. (The ladies will become completely baffled and turned-on by you, when they see how you're not drooling on them like the "average guy"!). You'll learn: 
• The only "cure" known that gives men and women no other choice but to respect you... the simplest way to gain control of a relationship that appears to be lost. 
• The amazing "Giving Yourself Direction" technique that will turn your brain into a homing beacon to achieve anything you desire. (This "not-so-secret" technique is rarely used, giving you the upper-hand in life!) 
• How to quickly "cancel out" these 2 things that are negatively controlling your life without you even realizing it! (Also, one simple exercise, it only takes 15 minute a day, in Appendix A will resolve all of your negative emotions!) 
• How to break away from the pack and stand-out to any woman. (Only a handful of men ever figure this out on their own... and does your life ever change when you do!) 
And more. A lot more!



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