Valdaar’s Fist. Forged by mortals.
Enchanted by Drow.
Wielded by a god. Lost by man.
Or was it?
The legend of Valdaar’s Fist survived many years even after it was reported destroyed in ages long since passed. Trapped and facing an array of evil beings in the underground labyrinth of Dragma’s Keep, our heroes forged friendships and trust.
Having survived that first test, they now face an even greater challenge—ever-changing, counterintuitive solutions to the complex puzzles of the mysterious Library of Antiquity. Surviving a maddening maze only leads them to a final creature bent on ending their little quest posthaste. And their only way out is through this monster…or death.
Vance Pumphrey traces the evolution of his high fantasy novels from his Nuclear Engineering career in the U.S. Navy—not an obvious leap. He started playing Dungeons and Dragons while in the Navy, though, and the inspiration for the Valdaar’s Fist series was born.
The Library of Antiquity is the second book in the Valdaar’s Fist quartet. A third book in the series follows soon.
Retired from the Navy, Vance lives in Seattle with his wife of thirty-plus years.
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