Welcome in the guide to Until Dawn game. By reading the information found here, you will obtain a better understanding of the game world and you will learn how the story of characters you control might end. This guide focuses on information about how to save all the characters and where can you expect the biggest difficulties. All of that can be found in the episodes walkthrough. You will also find here some advices and a separate list with all available clues and totems that can be found. Thanks to that you will be able to learn the story of the twins, the stranger and the event from year 1952. Final part of this guide consists of description of all trophies that can be unlocked and advices about where and when you can obtain them. 
Until Dawn is an adventure action horror game in which a group of teenage friends are meeting year after a tragic accident. They don't know yet that the last year's incident wasn't really an accident and that they will have to face much more than only their fears - they will be forced to fight for their and their friends' life. In addition to puzzles and action sequences, the game is filled with dialogues and decisions which lead to variety of possible endings and to possible death of each of the eight main characters. 
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