A history of witchcraft plus deeply personal accounts of a famed researcher/expert's interviews with leading practitioners, Witches is an essential compendium from the late Professor Hans Holzer. Professor Hans Holzer draws on his own first-hand research from the 1960s and 1970s in Witches, a companion to his bestselling Ghosts. Including many photographs from the author's collection, this entertaining and eye-opening volume explores the myriad forms and factions of witchcraft, taking readers inside the covens and cults where the ancient rituals are practiced. Experience the secrets of the craft, learn spells and incantations, and read interviews and personal testimony from the foremost practitioners. Holzer not only provides the reader with the history of witchcraft, he documents the lives and practices of actual witches pursuing the world's oldest religion. Hundreds of photographs from the author's own collection illuminate the subject and bring the rituals and rites of "the Craft" to life.



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