This book is an attempt to educate people on software security with my 10 years experience in security industry.
This book is based on various security aspects that I came across while working passionately in software security industry. It has came from research and huge amount of reading on security trends. I have been writing blogs on this topic and this book is based on content from blogs and other references.
Inspiration for this book is driven by people around me who use internet and are unaware of long term implications if used incorrectly.
Topics covered
1. Device protection to secure yourself - Password management, Security Softwares, Browsers, Plugins, Tools & Operating system security,
2. Online Privacy and Security - Facebook privacy settings, ISPs & website tracking, Android permissions, Anonymity, secure & private email,
3. Wi-Fi protection - OpenDNS for online security, Wi-Fi router settings, Parental protection using Wi-Fi router



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