Someone had targeted the Prevention & Analysis of Violent Acts Division of the FBI, and it was his job to find the traitor.
Sin Lorcan came to St. Louis temporarily for two reasons—find a deadly traitor in the division where both his brothers worked and reconnect with those brothers for his young son Tyler's sake.
Connections weren't easy for the eldest Lorcan brother. At least, connections in his personal life. In his professional life, Sin was one of the very best.
He wasn't stopping until he had the traitor in custody. Signs pointed to someone in the Automotive Forensics department. The very department his ex-sister-in-law ran.
Merrick Cody had her hands full running the AF department at PAVAD and juggling the needs of her newly adopted five-year-old, Lucy.
She didn't have time to help her ex-husband's jerk of a brother hunt down a traitor. She'd dealt with a traitor in the FBI before and had almost died because of it. 
But did she have much of a choice? A traitor in her department meant danger for everyone she cared about.
She may not be able to stand Sin—but wasn't it better to deal with the devil she knew, rather than the demon she didn't?
She'd survive. And then Sin would go back to wherever he came from…
Sin wasn't satisfied with that idea. 
He'd burned for Cody for years, but she'd never known how he felt. He'd always wanted her, but had missed his chance when she'd married his brother. She wasn't married to his brother now…
As the traitor he hunted circle closer, as the threat focused more on Cody, Sin made her a vow.
Nothing, no one, would hurt her or her daughter ever again…



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