Paula, a young and inexperienced woman, believes she is in love with Phil.  When he proposes marriage she eagerly says yes. Phil takes Paula to meet his Aunt Bernadette, known as Byrne, and life for Paula changes forever. Paula falls hard for the older woman and soon the shy young girl gains confidence as she pursues Byrne with a relentless determination. Before long, marriage to Phil becomes relegated to the back seat—so much so, in fact, that Paula realizes it will never take place.
Unconventional behavior certainly is not rare in Manhattan art circles. But what was going on in the ménage a trois of the Byrne woman raised the eyebrows even of the most broadminded.  She was supposed to be loving and cherishing another artist, Greta—a woman with whom she had a long and torrid past.  Yet she welcomed the advances of the bewitching and young Paula.  
Of course, love between women can often be complicated and… challenging.  In Paula's case, however, it can also come with a great deal of guilt.  For Paula has not only a woman to love, but also a man.  Phil Carson tried with all his strength and virility to rescue Paula from her “unnatural” desire, but true love is hard to fight against… especially when the woman you love is always in the arms of the woman she loves!



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