This is the original, unedited and unchanged edition written by Dr. M. Doreal and published by by the Brotherhood Of The White Temple in 1939.The full English edition is included with the new literal Spanish translation in one book.
Set in the context of ancient Atlantean times, “The Emerald Tablets” gives the Wisdom of Thoth, a priest-king of Atlantis.  With Spiritual insight into the innermost workings of the Ancient Wisdom, Thoth unfolds his biographical journey taking the reader into the hidden spaces of dimensions and planes never traversed by the uninitiated. 
The Metaphysical Truth Tradition dates as far back as man himself, reaching back beyond the scope that modern scholarship had ever imagined, revealing secrets that have never been unsealed, until now.
  A priceless gem for any Spiritual collection, “The Emerald Tablets” is both a primer for the neophyte, and a source of the deepest knowledge for those acquainted with the Truth.



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