Angelina Lacey as an eighteen year old in 1845, runs away from her alcoholic and abusive step father who continually attempts to beat her and bed her. Leaving her mother and two brothers, she falls in love with an ex-convict and his friend and sails into the uncharted waters of tropical North Queensland in a yacht to find adventure and romance, which she does, but not in the way she expected. The yacht becomes wrecked in a storm on a deserted coral island and Angie finds herself the only survivor for a little over a year until she is discovered by a Pacific Island chief and his tribal warriors. She is then taken to another tropical island where she is inducted into a new way of life especially when the tribal chief takes her as his third wife. Now she has to contend with a different outlook on sex, the attentions of a ferocious chief from another Island and the cannibalistic customs of her new family of these Island headhunters. Her life changes drastically when, swimming naked in the cool waters of a jungle pool, she is discovered by a visiting white fisherman. Read how her husband takes retribution according to tribal custom!



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