White Dwarf 95 arrives and with it a slew of heroes of the Imperium – a new Blood Angels Chaplain, a Terminator Captain and the Imperial Assassins among them! We take a look at all the new releases plus, with the Assassins on the horizon, we’ve got exclusive new achievements for the Execution Force game, a look at the continuing war around the Damocles Gulf (don’t forget War Zone Damocles: Mont'ka is also out this week) in The Killing Blow, a gallery of Readers’ Models and still yet more. Grab one now! 
About the series 
White Dwarf is Games Workshop's weekly magazine, and boasts a wealth of great content, from the latest new releases to modelling and painting guides, gaming features, new rules and much more besides.
This Tablet Edition of White Dwarf is designed for your iPad. It’s the ideal way to find out all about the latest releases from Games Workshop, optimised to your device for the best tablet reading experience. If you want to read White Dwarf on your iPhone, we recommend the Mobile Edition.



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