“When she spoke of her inability to breed with the soldier robot you frowned,” C-Raptin said in his electronic voice. “Know this: you can breed with Eisler. You can—and it will be expected of you to do so.”
Karin’s mouth grew dry. “How could we possibly…?”
Karin is a dedicated administrator in her once prosperous country of Red Scale. When their militant neighbors begin a merciless war, Karin and her Governor father contact the isolated country of Lohocke for help. All they know of this mysterious neighbor is a legend about metal men.
They not only make contact, but are promised the help they need. The price? Karin must go to Lohocke and become the bride of the Alpha Lord Eisler Durant.
Karin has been tied to Lohocke in an intricate way since her birth. She’s ready to accept her destiny at the Alpha Lord’s side—even if he’s not the man she expected.



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