The Friday 13th wrecking in January 2012 of the Concordia cruise-ship on the island of Giglio off Italy’s Tuscany coast, ranks as the biggest, most expensive and most unbelievable ever. This anthology of the disaster, written by a Briton living in Italy, is believed to be the most comprehensive coverage available in English. Built around timelines, the book describes the events set in motion on that fatal night and details the successful salvage project which culminated in the departure of the parbuckled wreck two and a half years later. 
The causes of the tragedy are examined along with the legal process which delivered a guilty verdict on the vessel’s delinquent Captain in 2015. The chapter “A brief history of disaster-at-sea” sets the Concordia in a sort of league table of shipwrecks. The whole story ends with a background chapter on Giglio Island which had the misfortune to have the tragedy land on its doorstep. The whole saga unfolded in full view of the author’s holiday home on the island. The more than 100 photographs in the book include a time-lapse sequence of the parbuckle process.



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