Zack and Jennifer live in a suburb of Los Angeles. They were high school and college sweethearts. Though they’ve only been married for a few years, they’ve been together as a couple for twelve.
Somewhere along the way, the fire has cooled. They still love each other passionately, everywhere except in the bedroom.
Enter their old friends and neighbors, Ken and Teresa, down from San Francisco for the weekend for a visit. But in addition to getting together socially with Zack and Jennifer, they are also seeing their sex therapist, the mysterious Dr. Love, for another “treatment” and to buy a fresh supply of his love potion.
Even after Ken has told Zack in private that the good doctor’s therapy is very “hands on”, and Teresa has confessed the same to Jennifer, the young couple cannot seem to resist going online and making an in-home appointment with the Love Doctor. What ensues goes beyond their wildest fantasies. The Doctor introduces them to a new world of sexual experiences that they had not even imagined themselves participating in.
Will his radical “therapy” prove too much for their marriage to endure, or will it be the thing that saves it?
Caution: this book contains graphic descriptions of sex acts, both heterosexual and lesbian. If such material offends you, do not purchase this book!



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Kein Eintrag