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EP254: This Is Where You’ll Find Your Power

EP254: This Is Where You’ll Find Your Power

Länge: 12:52
You are a powerful beautiful expression of life and the universe! That being said, why do you sometimes doubt that power and feel unable to shape and shift your life in the way you desire.   
There are three places where you can focus your attention. The past, the future and the present moment. Perhaps you focus on what has happened in your past, your hurts, traumas and unresolved issues. Maybe you focus on possible future outcomes, worries and disaster scenarios.   
Regardless of where, when you do so you give away your power. But, when you bring your attention to the present moment, all kinds of possibilities open. There you can access your power to change your vision, thoughts and emotional state. It is there that you reconnect to that beautiful power that’s within.   
Take a moment to breathe in the notes of present moment awareness, and tap into that place where you will access your power and transform your life.
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