The MFCEO Project is for anyone who is sick of the fluffy unicorns and rainbows style of talking about pursuing goals and profiting in business. In this podcast, Andy Frisella (and his guests) share insights on success and failure, in straight up fashion.
An entrepreneur, innovator, motivator, and regular dude, Frisella is the founder of Supplement Superstores and 1st Phorm International, multi-million dollar companies that manufacture and sell nutritional, weight loss, and fitness products. He is motivated by a desire to help people to succeed in business and life, “to get them moving in the right direction to achieve their business and personal goals, whatever they may be.”


The best

6 months in…. still banging :) Thank you so much!
Jep. Still there listening. Why? Because this Podcast gave me so much.
- Is this podcast for you?
Yes, this podcast is for anyone who wants to progress in live and reach some sort of success!
- But i have no own company?
Doesn´t matter. This podcast is not only about business, it´s about getting better at what you´re doing and ultimately reaching your goals. You´re still reading? Then give it a shot.
I don´t think that Andy knows what he has done for me and my busines and i´m not sure if i could find the right words but for me, this podcast made all the difference.
Thank you.

Love it!

My favorite podcast! I hear Andy's episode when I do cardio and I'm getting Pumped!

Best podcast out there

Andy tells in an unfiltered way what it takes to get your business and life to the next level


Stevi S.
Germany is listening to u MFCEO! Cannot describe in words how worthy that podcast can be if you have the right mindset! Keep going Andy and best regards from Germany!

great podcast: facing the facts

Kai Wichmann
hi guys, this is a great podcast for everyone who wants to be inspired (not only in entrepreneurship). Believe me, I'm a philosopher and I have got good knowledge in practical philosophy. Andy is quite good in giving good advices combined with personal stories. he is just giving value.
Kind regards from cologne, germany

My favourite Podcast for motivation, inspiration and life rules

Bushindo X Shindy 10/10
I like this podcast so much because Andy is a great speaker, entrepreneur and business leader. With his history he has much important things to say. In this podcast he pick up different topics about business & life and has amazing tipps. The style of speaking is special, but exactly this style is wanted by people like me: aggressive, with power and ambitious focus. Support this podcast!

Straight business

This Podcast is just AWESOME!!! Straight business advices and motivation.
It's great to get that kind of information that are the result of years and years and years of trial, error and sacrifices.
Greeting from Germany

The real deal - you better listen carefully!!!

Its just the perfect entourage for anyone who doesn’t have a mentor and is about to build or run a business. Even if you have a mentor, you might end up with a lot of new uncensored facts and new perspectives… yes and thats the best about it. Andy is talking about the real deal - straightforward. I really appreciate this Podcast and it is definitely a huge benefit for the "journey" I am on right now. Can’t wait for the next episode. Keep it going :-) All the best from Cologne


M. S. Yildiz
I'm from Germany. I love your advise, you are just awesome! Keep going please.


Yuksel yueksel
Just listened to the first one.. Awesome.. Very interesting and most importantly very motivating.. Thank you