Podcast for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. Valerian interviews emerging and established coffee professionals who are ready to reveal their secrets so you can use them to improve the quality of your coffee and boost your coffee business.
Valerian works on online coffee education projects from his home in Northern California. Originally he is from Central Europe where he co-owns a third wave coffee roasting company called Green Plantation.
Join him on the path to discovering the newest trends in the coffee industry.


Great info about the specialty coffee market

You get invaluable insights into the different types of jobs in the specialty coffee industry. And they are fun to listen to. It feels like listening to a friend. Just what you need when you want to work in specialty coffee and don´t know many people in the industry yet.

Full packed with useful info in specialty coffee

You want to learn and get useful information about specialty coffee, roasting, starting a coffee business, getting to know people of the specialty coffee community all while listening to just one podcast? This is the one to listen to!

For everyone interested in (specialty) coffee <3

Thanks for this podcast. This helps a little bit to get in the business and thinking about doing more than just brewing coffee at home or at work. #thirdwavewichteln should be a topic ?! Hope you'll have success with this production. 👍🏽👌🏼❤️☕️